[Survival Landmark] Temple of Gods

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avatar Dudamesh
Level 58 : Grandmaster Senpai
I made what I think is concept(?)
this is basically a Temple that has a Melon block up top.

However standing on the Melon grants you some effects.
Regeneration & Saturation

However since this IS a temple of the gods, it's power is basically Godly.
so when you stand on the melon, not only do you get Regen, etc. you also get Weakness, and when you stand too long in the Melon, you will also get Nausea.

This also Works in wherever Melon Block there be on the World. so you can make Small temples with Powers.

That's it.
If you could, a Diamond is very much appreciated.
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CreditJmal116 for teaching me some things about the commands used.
Progress100% complete

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Update #1 : 06/26/2015 10:23:16 pmJun 26th, 2015

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06/21/2015 5:36 am
Level 9 : Apprentice Network
How did you make this? I tried building something like that, but how will I make it that this spawns anywhere in my world?
It's great, though.
06/21/2015 8:12 am
Level 58 : Grandmaster Senpai
I have thought about that and I already have a plan on how, but I don't know how to do it. I mean, I NEED to setblock every single block, or at least, fill it.

on your 1st question, I only used the command  /execute to detect if players are standing on top of Melon blocks. If you just place the Temple ANYWHERE. you CAN make a small Temple with a Melon block on it. that will still work.
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