Survival map in a Crafting Table

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Level 8 : Apprentice Architect
Imagine your entire Minecraft world would be inside a GIANT Minecraft Crafting table. Now its reality.

This is a 16x16 chunk big map, inside a crafting table. Explore the world, collect stuff, and try to beat Minecraft.

In the world, you can find a little Village, a forest, lava lakes, an end portal, and much more.

The ores are randomly generated. In the deeper layers, you will find more ores. You can find ALL ores.

You can get obsidian mixing lava and water. If you play Minecraft, you should know how this works.

One rule: have fun. It could be hard at the beginning.

If you Strem this map please add a link to this page or to my Youtube channel:

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CreditThanks to TomsKoopa for testing the map.
Progress100% complete
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