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[survival] Sky Pyramid


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Level 6 : Apprentice Miner
Sky Pyramid Map is a map that is all about surviving, if you have ever played a map that has only one island you will feel the wrath of loneliness and pain!! Muhahaha! You will have to protect your air pyramid from invaders like those zombies and creepers which will be spawning spontaneously. Build a house, build a fortress, build a trap, and deal with the cobblestone with limited resources!! There will be lots of quests and challenges along the way which you will have to use your brains to pass the level. And again I cano t stress this enough in every mapo ¦ please in order for this map to make you have fun DONT CHEAT! dono t fly, dono t do anything that is basically o inappropriateo minecraft is more exciting without you using cheats!


- do not fly.
- do not use any mods, hacks, etc.
- Play on atleast easy difficulty.
- have fun.


1.- expand your pyramid.(this doesn't need to be in a shape of a pyramid.)
2.- make a cobblestone generator.
3.- make a house.
4.- make a monster trap.
5.- make an automatic cactus farm.
6.- make a melon farm.
7.- make a sugarcane farm.
8.- make atleast 10 more platforms.
9.- make a pumpkin farm.
10.- make a nether portal.
11.- collect 10 netherrack block.
12.- collect 10 glowstone blocks.
13.- make a bed.
14.- make a tree farm with atleast 10 trees.
15.- make a new pyramid of atleast 10 layers.
16.- find all 3 hidden chests.(both for normal and harcore mode.)
17.- get 20 enderpearls
18.- build a second story to your house.
19.- build a tower from the lowest level you can get to skylimit.
20.- build a gaint tree.(only for hardcore mode.)
21.(extra)- get 20 saplings of every kind of tree.

Posted Image to download the map click here (<- Ad link removed) -RAR- Posted Image V 2.0

Posted Image to download the map click here (<- Ad link removed) -ZIP- Posted Image V 2.0

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