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[Survival Spawn] Stellar Impact (Download / Realms)

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Springstof avatar Springstof
Level 74 : Legendary Demolitionist
This is a free, ready-to-use survival spawn!
The map comes with a vanilla world that's ready for all versions of 1.9 and higher!
You could use it as a singleplayer world with a pre-built base, or use it for a server, so players can spawn in a nice environment before they find their own home!

This map is also available in the Minecraft Realms!
Look for it under "World Templates"!


When an exotic meteor crashed into the earth, researchers rushed to the crash site to inspect the meteorite and the crater. However, all the researchers disappeared in a mysterious manner. You are the only one left to figure out the mysteries of the celestial object. Or, you could raid the supplies of your missing colleagues and build a house. It's up to you.

(Disclaimer: No actual adventure storyline is hidden in the map. It's just scenery. Feel free to create your own story!)

Please leave some feedback and appreciation if you like this spawn!

More screenshots: Imgur

What features will you find in this world?

- A pretty large crater with all kinds of hot materials from outer space!
- Two camp sites with beds and supplies.
- A unique sky biome around the crater, making the sky dark during daytime, giving off a mysterious feeling.
- A mega taiga.
- Endermen!
- Endermite!
- Lava!
- Chests with starter gear.
- Crafting tables.
- Furnaces.
- Anvils.
- Caves with ores and some added lighting.

What are you allowed to do with it?

- Use it for yourself.
- Use it for servers.
- Modify it, if you credit me as original creator.

What can you not do with it?

- Claim you've made this.
- Redistribute this map.
- Modify it, and then distribute it.

If you claim this map to be your own, you won't be allowed into my treehouse anymore.


Discord: Springstof#0147
Portfolio preview: Imgur
Free downloads: PMC
Twitter: @SpringstofMC
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by Springstof 06/07/2016 5:17:46 amJun 7th, 2016

I fixed an issue where a large portion the map would burn down. The map should be a bit more playable now. On top of that, I added a dungeon under the meteorite in an earlier version which I failed to mention.
I also added a new screenshot that is a bit brighter. The map is now also available on Realms!

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05/02/2019 10:13 am
Level 24 : Expert Explorer
Artrius avatar
Love your spawns! <3
05/04/2019 3:15 am
Level 74 : Legendary Demolitionist
Springstof avatar
11/07/2017 5:36 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Miner
Mythil avatar
Who came here from realms!? :D
11/07/2017 9:38 pm
Level 74 : Legendary Demolitionist
Springstof avatar
Considering the fact that this is my seventh most viewed project, out of more than hundred, probably a lot!
06/05/2016 3:54 am
Level 1 : New Crafter
effef avatar
Me likey ;)
06/05/2016 4:52 am
Level 74 : Legendary Demolitionist
Springstof avatar
Thanks ;D
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