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SurvivalGames Nuketown Map

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EndGame avatar EndGame
Level 33 : Artisan Network
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SurvivalGames Nuketown
The is the 1.8 version of map Nuketown from Black Ops 1.
This survival games map has all the newer blocks, includes banners and armor stands as "dummies"
This map is FAST/close quarter combat, it is fully tested!
The design is compact and simple with chests strategically placed around the map.
Includes a giant Mushroom Cloud "Nuke" in the background.

I did all the work so you dont have to, easy install!

Max player slots = 6. "The beacons on the ground are the spawnpoints"
If you require more player slots you can add more if needed.
Good View Distance: 7-8 "made for smaller view distance servers"
Demensions: Map size is 224x126 blocks. 63y low and 140y height.
Spawn Coordinates: "X Y Z": -294 66 -299

Note: The map folder includes the armor stands, the schematic will not have them.

Play test this map right now at IP: mc-endgameserver.com

This map has taken 2 days to build, alot of time and effort has gone into
making this map, please leave a comment and a Diamond if you like it!
Built by: NotoriousNemo, Mushroom Cloud built by Zizzinator

Check out the SkyWars version of Nuketown here http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/skywars-nuketown-map/

How to paste schematic?
1. This schematic is large and requires plugin AsyncWorldEdit to paste.
2. Have worldguard version 6 plugin. "version 5 will work too"
3. Stand at around coordinate Y height 65 to paste. "Can be pasted lower or higher"
4. Type //shematic load sgnuketown
5. Type //paste
Note: The sgnuketown map will paste around you.
Note: The Mushroom cloud will paste north from you. "Make sure you have plenty of space north of you"
CreditNotoriousNemo, Zizzinator, EndGame, EndGameServer
Progress100% complete

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01/14/2019 4:05 am
Level 39 : Artisan Princess
LadyHaley avatar
Great map, Im using it for a ffa arena!!!
08/09/2015 6:44 pm
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Senpai
GrayRemnant avatar
Awesome!  The mushroom cloud looks great!  ;)
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