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Svelthe Music Festival 2023

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DjDukes avatar DjDukes
Level 36 : Artisan Architect
Welcome back to Svelthe!

Welcome back to one the most interactive and detailed Festivals in Minecraft you've seen, with stages fully equipped with animated redstone lamps and pyro shows. Decorated even into the last corners. 
Svelthe features yet again 6 Stages, all being completely rebuilt with the newest redstone features Minecraft and my building experience can offer. The festival has 4 Late Night Stages, also being mostly overhauled with fully animated redstone lamp animations.
Restaurant La Stella and TALANOS are back again giving you a tasteful experience. Even the VIOLET Bar and the Bluelight Lounge got overhauled.
As always there are attractions like the Tattoo Shop, the Hair Saloon, the Svelthe Merch Shop or the huge Svelthe Ferris Wheel and this time we even have something new. The Chillout Area.
I hope you enjoy your experience at Svelthe Music Festival 2023!

Made with love and passion by DjDukes

This map was built in Minecraft Version 1.19.3, please play this map on this version or higher!
There are no mods or texture packs needed. A shader is recommended.

Festival Floorplan

Svelthe Music Festival 2023 Minecraft Map

Here are some building process insights again

Well I didn't know it was possible but I managed it to build the Mainstage even bigger than last year. It is 29 blocks tall and 53 blocks wide. That's insane and building it was one thing but wiring it, oof. All that took me days but I had the mainstage circuit tiled up into parts to make it easier for me to organize the redstone or to find bugs. Let me show you:
Svelthe Music Festival 2023 Minecraft Map
As you can see there are three sections. Each section powers it's own part of the Mainstage. The Mainscreen Chipset is a system to animate the mainscreen in the most compact way possible. It consists mainly of repeaters being delayed. The redstone bows are there for the redstone lamp lines. With that bow design I could make sure to animate the lamps in the way they light up. And the sidescreen circuit is just my old unorganized way of trying to animate a round screen and hoping it would work, and yep it did. Still need to find a way to organize redstone for round screens.
Oh by the way, when I rebuild a stage for the new Festival's edition, I completely tear it down, everything, yes everything, except the obsidian. Let me show you:
Svelthe Music Festival 2023 Minecraft Map
Alright so, what's also new is that every stage now tells you everything that's going on. And I mean EVERYTHING and EVERY STAGE, yes even Late Night Stages and yes even the stage's FOHs tell you the lever status.

The whole festival is fictive and all the names and stages do not exist in real life!

Have fun playing the map!
Progress100% complete

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