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Mineval World - Varoma and Surrounding Lands

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Bedrock Edition
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My 100% survival world years in the making. Anything goes, achievements enabled, builds are a work in progress, Realm world is replaced and resets and updates periodically. (Progress made on the realm is temporary)


For the most recent version; visit the download mirror.

For official versions and additional files, follow the links at the bottom of the description.

This is my 100% survival world that I have started on Xbox One Edition back in late 2014. First world on Xbox One.

6 years in the making and this is only the beginning, a huge WIP.

The city is a work in progress and is the main build of the world. I have built this city from the ground up starting in the naturally generated village (currently Old Town of the City) that was found not to far from the initial spawn. Originally it was just my simple Xbox survival world until I started expanding off of the village. You can find my old survival base/home West of the city across the large lake.
All builds are original creations of mine unless stated otherwise from a sign on a building. The architecture that I have built are inspired off of real life medieval architecture and building techniques and are all carefully planned when being built. Some buildings are not finished fully either. Most interiors are finished besides a few that are a work in progress. Every building will be fully furnished with detail and realism. There is also a sewer system that runs underneath the entire city only about halfway done.

Things planned for the world in the future
-Castle sitting along the mountain in the center of the city.
-University planned in middle of large lake in the Western portion of the planned city.
-Renaissance/art district in Western portion of city
-Catacombs deep under the city below sewer levels
-Cities, roads, towns, villages, castles, buildings, caves, custom dungeons, and terraform builds all planned for the entire world.
- Find 100s of signs all around the world for planned builds

As for outside of the city limits there are multiple trails and roads leading north and east leading out of the city. There are multiple builds place throughout the entire world, you just have to find them.....follow the roads. More towns, cities, castles, and buildings are planned outside of the city and is also a Work In Progress. A Nether base is built in the nether. (Portal can be found North-West of the city in a mountain. Massive never ending ocean south of the city.

Use it for survival mode
Use it for your Adventure map
Use it for inspiration
Modify it any way you want as long as you give me credit.

1st seed is Pre 1.7 update where the world was created
2nd seed is Post 1.7 update where the new chunks are formed

I have converted this over to the Bedrock version recently and downloaded it via Realms.



Mineval Files

Older Backups
CreditCpt SpaceBalls, CPT BEAST117, GreenChandler, Shankapott0muS, JeffersonBRZ86, True Arce, BreakMastaBlits, SupremesFORCE
Progress20% complete

2 Update Logs

Public Realm Debut : by Tactical8778 10/11/2020 6:13:26 pmOct 11th, 2020

- Public Realm for the world opened June 21st, 2020.
- Spawn clocktower and southern half section of city.
- Personal Survival Base Castle .
- North Road extended out to new ungenerated terrain.
- City East Gate Bridge finished.
- New streets and buildings in the city
- Additions all throughout the world....

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