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[RECRUITING] Tales from The Void: Reclamation of Cortellus

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Manusha avatar Manusha
Level 12 : Journeyman Dragon

Tales from The Void: Reclamation of Cortellus

Using a modified version of "Conquest Dark" Textures with permission
(Learn how to apply to join below!)

Current Build Team-


Lead Developers:

Sebastian Willows

Initiate Builders:

Introduction-"Tales from The Void: Reclamation of Cortellus is an upcoming survival wave/adventure/puzzle map with rich lore that will utilize all custom features via resource packs, such as sound design, as well as utilizing building tools such a NBTEdit, and scoreboards, to offer the most engaging experience possible.

Note: This map is in the same universe as "Hero of the Void," an open world adventure map our team is also working on after the release of this map. "Tales from The Void: Reclamation of Cortellus" is a shorter map with it's own central story, but with the same lore as "Hero of the Void"

We will be utilizing-

  • Scripted Events
    -Your actions effect your surroundings. Watch the city change as you progress through the map and make decisions.
  • Scripted Boss Fights
    -Fight bosses with mechanics similar to other RPGs, with strategic elements involving avoidance and timing.
  • Cinematics
    -Sit back, relax, as the story unfolds in front of you with in-game cinematics
  • NPC Dialogue/Voice Acting
    -Listen to NPCs actually speak with professional voiceovers and voice modifiers similar to those of your favorite games
  • Custom Shops
    -Save up your points to obtain loot that will better aid you through your mission
  • Custom Mobs
    -Fight against never seen before custom mobs unique to the map's lore
  • Custom Items
    -Is that a key I found? Find all sorts of custom loot unique to the map's story
  • Custom Music
    -Listen to music, such as chiptunes, made specifically for the map, created by me, SA-F-R.
  • Custom Sound Design
    -Swords clash, arrows whiz, cannons shoot, boats sink, waves clash, and so on. Hear all the actions as they occur around you during events, immersing you in a map experience like never before. Also hear the variety of new sounds replacing existing ones in Minecraft, such as obtaining experience, purchasing item, etc.

  • Utilize scoreboard system
    -Better shop experiences, as well as easy implementation of alternate endings. Scoreboards will only make the experience more epic.

  • RPG Class System
    -Pick your role as you would in your favorite RPG as you take on Malum's forces
  • Loot Tier Systems
    -Obtain new tiered items as you progress through the map, such as five main tiers for both weapons and armor.
  • Alternate Endings
    -Your actions determine the end result. How everything ends is up to you, rather you're the true saviors of the Drakarian people, or the ultimate betrayers.

    I own a professional mic and have a professional DAW which I'll be using for music, sound design, and voice overs.

    We will have a small team of voice actors who will be doing multiple voices (including various accents)

    We as well will be using certain filters, effects, and various mixing with the DAW to create the right tones when necessary.

    A small example is we have the ability to do GLaDOS' voice spot on, and fairly easily.Not that it's particularly relevant to this map; it's just an example of what we can do and plan on doing to make this the most engaging experience possible.

    Check my bandcamp or soundcloud below to hear some of my music!



    Otherwise, check this video out for some ambiance I've worked on!

Among the vast lands of Zareshra, one mighty empire controls much of it's heartland. The Drakarians are a civilization of humans who advanced greater than any other Zareshrians could ever imagine. The success of this advancement is due to what some consider a "magical" energy source, harnessed from the seemingly empty core of the planet: The Void. The Drakarians call it "Irritan," and it could only be harnessed by extremely precise mining techniques capable penetrating through bedrock.

Discovered by their current Emperor and Overseer of the army, Deum. He started as the fieriest warrior the Drakarians have ever seen, and eventually took very control of the Empire, where he began leading his troops into new territories to occupy. Years after the discovery of The Void, the unthinkable happened. A monstrosity arouse from the depths of the planet; from within the void. A creature that goes by the name of Malum. His very veins seemed to flow with Void Energy, what seems to be a manifestation of The Void itself.

Malum sought to "cleanse" Zareshra of all life. He began with his army of creatures birthed from the void, then began corrupting particular humans for his own control, as well a reanimating the dead. Malum's army grew exponentially as he spread among the Drakarian continent where he emerged. One fateful day Malum discovered Cortellus, the capital of the Drakarian Empire. Unfortunate for the almighty Deum, he was far south in the continent spreading the empire. Cortellus quickly fell to Malum's will with little struggle. The very essence of the Drakarian Empire was now gone; the beginning of Drakaria's fall seemed emanate...

It wasn't until a neighbor Drakarian city, Salvator, was informed by the few residents who fled Cortellus, that the Drakarians would retaliate. Although Salvator is no capital, it's practically the capital of the Drakarian Army. Salvator is the largest military-based Drakarian city, and this would prove mighty useful for fighting against Malum's army. Another benefit of it's military presence is it's special forces, the DSFT. Deum sought to create teams that would carry out the more challenging tasks at hand, and the DSFT was the beginning of this effort. Now Cortellus is taken, and the Salvatorians are aware. It would only till a matter of time till the first Drakarian fleet ships out of Salvator, carrying the DSFT, to reclaim Cortellus and save it's people!

You are apart of the DSFT and your mission is to reclaim the city of Cortellus, as well as retrieve high priority supplies from the city's barracks, cutting of Malum's forces from Irritan supplies as you make your way to the Keep, where Malum resides.. The DSFT have unique roles in regards to combat, better diversifying their squad to better conquer any challenge ahead of them. The DSFT use specialized strategies in order to be as efficient as possible.

DSFT's main strategy is the "Aggro System." All must properly follow this system or else they will likely fail. The Aggro System requires a DSFT squad to be composed of three troops, each with their own job.

The Bellator, otherwise known as The Drakarian Champion, must take aggro of their enemies, taunting them to attack as they protect their other two troops as the others fulfill their own roles.

At there side is the Sanctian, The Drakarian Mender, who utilizes advanced Drakarian medicine on their teammates, healing and buffing as they fight.

And at last, the Venator, The Drakarian Huntsman, puts their full attention on being quick, and pulling as much damage as possible from afar with their bow.


Fill an application below!

Check out the main thread for "Hero of The Void" below!

CreditCreator/Writer: Manusha Lead Developer: Vaderman24, Datenstau Architect: xUSMCxMARIN3x, GoldenApple231, Strahinja, Kevin Rose, Drum, Sebastian Willows
Progress50% complete

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10/05/2013 7:58 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Goblin
OneTerrorist avatar
As much as this looks cool, I can't join... Too much going on XD
10/03/2013 11:39 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Ranger
killershark45 avatar
do you need help with custom mobs and items?
10/10/2013 8:14 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Datenstau avatar
Help is always welcome! If you have other skills, too like redstone etc, Feel free to apply here: www.planetminecraft.com/forums/hero-the-void-builder-applications-t304557.html -Erik
09/30/2013 1:51 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Architect
UnrealBuildingTM avatar
I am actually looking for a build team. I enjoy building, I think it's a major part of Planet Minecraft. My current build team kind of fell apart, UnrealbuildingTM. So I would be interested in building with you guys. I feel I build best medieval, modern. and sometimes ruins. Anyway I think it will be awesome if I can gvie you guys a hand. If you need to test me I'm available atm.
10/10/2013 8:11 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Datenstau avatar
Hey unrealbuildingtm, Thanks for the interest in joining our build team. Please apply with images of your builds on this page: www.planetminecraft.com/forums/hero-the-void-builder-applications-t304557.html
10/03/2013 7:49 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Explorer
Geminicreeper avatar
Satorix, If these guys turn you down, pm me. I'm recruiting a build team as well.
09/29/2013 7:12 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Architect
The Argonaut
The Argonaut avatar
This is pretty epic. Hope it gets finished.
09/26/2013 8:44 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Crafter
TheLegendaryFirefox avatar
I hope this gets finished. It has lots of potential.
09/26/2013 3:35 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Architect
BNSBrandon avatar
I Would Like To Help With The Build Team!
I Have My Own Build Team, But We Should Work Together On Some Prodjects!!!!
10/10/2013 8:12 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Datenstau avatar
Hey BNSBrandon, hanks for the interest in joining our build team. Please apply with images of your builds on this page: www.planetminecraft.com/forums/hero-the-void-builder-applications-t304557.html -Erik
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