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Tarawa's Bloodshed Remastered: WWII Challenge Map 1.13.2

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avatar Seames39
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72 hours, that is all it takes. Take to the white sandy beaches of Tarawa in one of the shortest yet bloodiest battles of the Second World War. Alone in the dark night of Tarawa Atoll, you can expect feirce enemy resistance as you try to conquer the island Block by bloody Block.

Originally posted on the 16th of July, 2013, Tarawa's Bloodshed became my first successful project on PlanetMinecraft. It brought my first feedback and kickstarted a 2 year period of me creating challenge maps and adventure maps centered around WWII and other conflicts. This remaster would not be possible without the inspiration of BeardieLover and his mod Call to Battle. His drive inspired me to create WWII maps again and has resulted in this remastered classic!
Original map
BeardieLover's Call to Battle Mod. (not required, this world is vanilla)
Progress100% complete

03/05/2019 11:29 pm
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