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A friend and I decided to make Tatooine and it was going well, took just under a month to make that town, we didnt devote all  our time to it :P  But making maps can become boring and thats what happened. Anyway that town is just one of 5 we were planning to do along with lots of Sand Crawlers, a Tuskan raider village, Jabba the hutt's palace and the sar lacc pit, oh yeah and the canyons you see Anakin race through, or you may have passed while playing SWTOR (Star Wars The Old Republic). Awesome game! Each building we did is original, we coppied on one who has made a tatooine map, only pictures we have seen from the films and games. Mainly the games :D  Each building's interior design is its own, meaning each and every building does not have the same blocks placed in the same place. They all are different in their own way and to be honest thats what sets us apart from other builders as some get lazy and just use //wand to //copy. Even the sand crawlers, every thing in them are different and if you was to explore the whole town on foot :0 it would be amazing :D. 
I may one day soon, buy another server to carry on building this map but even if i finished, it would not be downloadable as then a certain server name MCLegends would steal it :/ To replace their crappy map
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04/09/2015 6:01 pm
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Looks promising!  Keep up the good work!  :)
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