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Level 2 : Apprentice Crafter
Some flames are not so easily extinguished...

Young Teddy, the heir to an ancient royal dynasty, embarks on a perilous odyssey through the old Emory Chase - a bygone highway haunted by the legend of a fearsome beast known as Beelzebub...

On your journey as Teddy, you will encounter a variety of strange folk...

Collect unique weapons and armor to defend yourself...

Explore dungeons and solve mysteries to garner valuable treasure...

Discover curious creatures and barter with the locals...

the cinematic story of Teddy as you traverse the Emory Chase and face your fears.

Beware, however, as Teddy's Challenge is an arduous one...

This map is a work in progress with no ETA.

More info coming in time.

Progress5% complete

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