Tekkit Skypillar survival (SMP)

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avatar EMango18
Level 18 : Journeyman Explorer
A map based on both sky block and 4 pillar survival put together and bound with the awesomeness of the tekkit mod pack to bring you TSPS, Technic sky pillar survival!

This map starts on a dirt island with a chest and 2 trees (Rubber and Oak). 3 pillars (and the desert island like in sky block) are surrounding you. your aim is to survive and build a small settlement (or a huge city) with the aid of the tekkit ores and machines.

The world file is in the MC schematic download ----->
Any helpful comments are appreciated and will make the map even better.


1. No cheating by spawning items,flying etc. TURN YOUR TMI MODE TO RECIPE by going into your inventory, going options then clicking cheat-mode, this should now say recipe mode.

2. You must have hostile mobs spawning! Any game mode you want though (Easy,medium or hard)

3. Must be played with tekkit version 2.1.0 (The recommended build).

4. You should play multiplayer, but its not required.


Tekkit ores can make some fancy stuff, but maybe in this case of limited supply that changes things....
Animals love grass! But they aren't that fond of dirt, so keep some at hand. Lava+water= Stone
Good thing come to those who reach the top.

Random challenges:

Make a house with a bed, a electronic furnace (including power supply) and glass panes.

Make animal heaven (Keep your grass and make a patch on the island of 80 blocks)

Aww, my character looks like poop! (Craft a full set of bronze armour) Extra: Get the refference!

To hell with you! (Get to the neither)

What pillars? (Make your map look as if the pillars were never there/ remove them and random paths)

Getting 'up?' and dirty (Farm 10 of each crop at one time excluding flax)

A journey to the centre of the void (Make a staircase all the way to the damaging part of the void)

Magic blanket (Find the hidden bed) Owww! (Find the easily hidden lava)

Its better together (Make a two-way cobble generator using only 1 lava and 1 water block)

Its a trap! (Get shovel happy on the desert island)
CreditTo the makers of skyblock,4 pillar survival and the modders that brought us the technic pack.
Progress50% complete

07/13/2012 8:16 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Miner
what else r u planning to add
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