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Temple of Amphitrite: A Battle Between Land and Sea

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How to find on server: /plot home:5 CeatiX or /plot home Sky0Wings and fly to the other side

avatar Sky0Wings
Level 26 : Expert Narwhal
Hello, hello everyone! ⊂◉‿◉つ

I am so happy to announce this build as finished!
This build was made for the GreenLeaf Creative: Fantasy Contest.
I will shortly explain what we came up with before talking about
it a little more 'in depth'.
This build was made by me with the help of zilversonic Due to
circumstances the first builder I worked with CeatiX was too
busy so we had that changed for the contest.
The build consist out of two area's. One being the land above water,
the other the ocean floor filled with creatures, corals, builds to exp

Do you want to view this build?
You can! It is not a downloadable map, however if you got to the
GreenLeaf Creative Server you can view it there. I have noted down
below how to find the build if you are interested in viewing it.

IP: GLC.mc.gg

Now I am going to talk about the build in-depth. About the story I
created for it, the process and result!

The Story

There were once two races living among each other in peace.
We had the humans, who lived on land together with the ancient
creatures, and we had the Neryda, a race of humans who had
adapted to living underwater.

For a long time these two races lived among each other in peace
together with the temple which was made by the gods, the Temple of
Amphitrite. This temple possessed a power, a power within a magic
orb. This orb had great power, it was so powerful that only the two
strongest mages of land and sea combined could ask it for help. It
brought the people great joy, great harvests, no illness, perfect weather.
For many years it was a blessing.

But the humans became too greedy, their strongest mage Njörðr wanted
all the power of this orb to go to the humans. So he decided to go to the
orb on his own.

He made is way to the orb trying not to get caught and before it, tried to
explain why the humans needed it's full power, begging it for help. But
the orb was not pleased. It told Njörðr that his act was foolish and in
result of his foolish act his entire race would be punished.

Njörðr begged the orb to stop what it was about to do, but it was too
late... the orb took everything from the humans, their water, their land,
their nature, their creatures. All was lost, the orb had turned the land in
to what now could only be viewed as a wasteland replacing everything
with death and toxic fumes.

The orb told Njörðr one more thing, if he was able to show the orb the
ability of humans to adapt to this new world, there would be a chance
all of this could be undone.

Njörðr felt hopeless wounded by his actions he returned home, but all
of this did not go unnoticed by the Neryda. The saw everything, to the
very end. They knew something like this could eventually have happened
and they wanted to stop this once and for all. They sent their strongest
mage, Vodník to destroy the orb.

Vodník climbed all the way to the orb together with a team of mages to
try and destroy it. Njörðr noticed what they were trying to do and tried to
return to the orb to tell them destroying it would completely destroy their
race as well, but Vodník did not listen...

The orb was gone, and so was the last hope for the human race... Njörðr
was filled with anger and swore upon the gods to one day destroy all that
the Neryda had. The Neryda however took this warning lightly, which was
a big mistake...

60 years later the son of Njörðr's quest was to start a war with the Neryda.
The humans have been preparing for this moment for years after the wounded
Njörðr lied to them and said that the Neryda were the cause of this mess.


the son of Njörðr together with what was left of humanity was ready, ready to

The Battle of Land and Sea


I'm going to talk a little bit about the process of this build. I think this
build took around a total of 20/40 hours. I'm not totally sure anymore
because it's been awhile since I started on it. We had a plan when we
were starting off. We wanted to do something water, something waste
land. But the whole idea really blossomed after the making of the Temple
of Amphitrite. The build goes all the way from bedrock to max. build height
256 blocks.

After this build I was dead-set on turning it in to an epic story, which I hoped
worked out! I did the terraforming and structures myself. later on with the
help of zilversonic we were able to finish the build adding a ton of corals, cr
eatures, effects and some smaller details. We hope you enjoy looking through
this build as I do myself. There's a lot to see so make sure to look around!

I've made an entrance to the underwater area right below the destroyed orb in
the Temple of Amphitrite, look for it if you want to be submerged in to the under
water area! it's tube going all the way down to bedrock.


Last but not least let me tell you what exactly there was built and what you can
expect to see and find. First of all the temple of course, you can't miss it. in the
middle there is an orb which has been destroyed and at the very top a magic
circle. There are three other structures, two structures are merged with the walls,
the other you are able to enter whilst you are exploring underwater. We have made
various coral reefs and walls filled with a variety of coral ranging from small to large
and from red to violet.

You will also be able to find various creatures underwater. We created tons of fish,
a starfish, jellyfishes, a turtle, an octopus, a moray eel and we can't forget our little
crab of course. Can you find them all? some are more hidden than others.

Than for the outside, you will find a few pieces of destroyed land, now just a toxic
wasteland filled with spikes, poison, dead trees and structures.

I hope some of you like this build, it was an amazing experience!

That's it for today!

Remember, you are amazing and I hope to see you back another time!!! (ꉺᗜꉺ)
CreditSky0Wings and zilversonic
Progress100% complete

2 replies

06/29/2019 3:13 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Architect
How do you have the patience to build this? HOW
06/29/2019 4:40 pm
Level 26 : Expert Narwhal
I have no idea myself lol.

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