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TheSwordsEcho avatar TheSwordsEcho
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Temple of Ice

A temple in the sky dedicated to the god of the frozen wastelands. Eight towers surround the head tower which stands tall and strong. It is always winter in this land. Never does it warm up from the powerful warmth of the sun. Never does the snow melt into water. Frozen it has been and frozen it shall stay for as long the god lives.


I have the main world up for download and a schematic as well. I figured most of you would just go for the regular world download, but I made a schematic just in case any of you decided to import it into your own world or server. Just give credit. That's all I ask.


If you like the builds and terraformed landscapes you see from my profile don't be afraid to hit the diamond up there at the top left and subscribe! Every diamond and subscription let's me know how well I'm doing and also feel free to share your loves or critiques down below in the comment section!
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Update #1 : by TheSwordsEcho 07/07/2013 12:50:52 amJul 7th, 2013

had to update schematic. my apologies. :D

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07/08/2013 2:02 pm
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Nice :D
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