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Temple of the Avatar

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jduartemiller avatar jduartemiller
Level 66 : High Grandmaster Architect
Temple of the Avatar Minecraft Map

As far as designing this, this project was easily my most challenging. I am predominantly a contemporary builder. Looking to Murata City, my current project, you can see this build style is far removed from my comfort zone. I have long been interested in Asian architecture, loving the wood structure concepts that are artistically used throughout Chinese, Japanese, and Korean architecture.

My previous contest entries pushed the boundary on size and scope, but seemed to fail to escape my contemporary comfort zone. Furthermore, my entries seemed to typecast myself into massive bunkers for humanity to survive the perils our world could face. I wanted to diverge from that, and do something for a show I have long been a fan of and deeply love. I also wanted to show the community, my long time supporters and friends, and myself that I am a more versatile builder than what I have previously shown. I hope you appreciate my entry, and thank you, PMC, for putting this forth. Please, leave a diamond if you like the project, and leave a comment so I can hear your opinion. Thank you.

Project was made through use of World Painter, MCEdit, and Minecraft
Renders were made through Chunky, and post-processed through Photoshop
Progress100% complete

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12/23/2017 4:43 am
Level 49 : Master Lad
Wooouh avatar
Not bad, if I was a judge I would vote. Not because its friggin largish, but rather because its detailed. Well-made! Diamond!
12/22/2017 3:41 pm
Level 56 : Grandmaster Lava Rider
eagoy avatar
This is a hard one to judge (as a fellow contestant who knows your past work).
Description and rendering haven't faded in the past years. The building itself is indeed different than your usual stuff. And in ways I think it reflects in this build. And yes going this large on your own needs compromises.

Since I got this odd feeling something is lacking from your usual build quality, I decided to dive into it. From afar it looks great. Up close flying around in the map besides looking at the default pictures, shows a different story.

Were massive bunkers requires few blocks, I believe these kind of builds needs more block diversity. For example the roads are one type blocks. Of course these are probably MC-edited all the way. But making basic patterns and copying those will do wonders. Same goes for other situations like walls.
I do have to say, these temples are huge in-game. Thus making bigger flat area's of one type blocks.

The other thing is the surrounding. It feels bland to say so. Other typical build of yours (skyscrapers and such) are cramped which leaves little room for landscaping. Other maps like this of yours (pmc entries) had a starter map. To provide a landscape with mountains, clouds and sea like environment. Not that I can make landscapes like this or know how with World Painter.
But I got the feeling using more blocks wouldn't hurt. Or go with some lore like the volcano. Using ice blocks and such for the water tribe (according to the lore reside on the poles -> ice?). Maybe try mesa for the earth. Oh, nice to see some custom trees.

Given the scale & remaining time it would be hard to do something with the above but I don't mind seeing more stuff like this in the feature of you.

Either way, nice to see an build of yours and good luck fellow contestant!
12/22/2017 10:44 am
Level 70 : Legendary Architect
Ryer avatar
And oh snap, look who makes a return!
12/22/2017 12:12 pm
Level 66 : High Grandmaster Architect
jduartemiller avatar
Lol, yeah, i do that from time to time. Some things like this shake me from my hermitage
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