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tension parkour (BEDROCK)

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Bedrock Edition
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tension parkour:

welcome to a parkour map i made! this map has about 9 stages right now, i am planning to give you guys another map with 20 stages, anyways, here is the stages!

stage 1: just some basic jumps, anyone can finish it, though at the end the last jump is a block higher, moved to the left.

stage 2: its pretty much level 1 but its 2 blocks apart and also the save blocks are gone

stage 3: it introduces a lot of things

i will only tell you the first 3 levels, for the rest, find out for yourself
note: this map is not done so if you have some ideas for stages, feel free to say them in the comments!
note 2: a update for this map will come in a few weeks, depends on how lazy i am

plans for the future:
1. adding an anti cheat
2. add 10 more stages (which would total to 19 levels, yes, theres only 9 levels)
3. add a way to shutdown anti cheat other than beating the full game (full game will have 100 levels)

map update progress:

moved the red blocks a block lower to prevent accidental /kill's

added new stage, stage 10: sets the new longest stage in tension parkour, also introduces 3 new things.
Creditcredits to my friend CocoBerryMC for helping with stages, also credits to my cousin for giving some ideas for stages
Progress10% complete

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