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Texture Testing World & Zoo - browse all blocks & mobs easily

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Level 7 : Apprentice Miner
Contains all blocks and mobs (as far as I'm aware).

Why Use This?

  • Sometimes that realistic cobblestone looks great... in one block. Build a house out of it and suddenly you hate that pattern.
  • Sometimes screenshots look good, but once you see it "live" and up close,- it''s ugly.
  • Sometimes good texture packs just don't have useful screenshots. Why? I don't know. It's very annoying. - Wow, a single screenshot of what 1 block of each type looks like from far away? Gee thanks, guys.
Each building-block is displayed in a mini wall.
So that you can quickly check how it looks.
Check the edge.
Check it as a wall or floor.
Check a single block.
Check for misalignment or ugly patterns.

Signs label everything.
Because sometimes the texture pack is so crazy, you can't tell what it is!
Mobs also have nametags.
Relevant items are usually nearby, such as "coal" (item) near "coal ore" (blocks).

See every mob.
View them safely as they naturally move and moan.
Their drops are nearby. (See the feather near the chicken)

Use buttons to switch between day and night.
Some other useful commands too.

Check bottoms.
What's the bottom of your minecart look like? The back of a banner? The bottom of a boat? Will that spiderweb pass for smoke?
Important items are displayed near each mob. (rotten flesh by the zombie, porkchops by the pig).

Built for testing and mix & matching your texture packs.
Do the leaves, bark, wood, and saplings you've chosen all match reasonably?
See each tree near its corresponding wood and saplings.
Can you tell the difference between raw and cooked meat? Does the rabbit foot still look like a tiny potato?

Works in Creative (suggested) or Survival. If using survival, do not use Peaceful or mobs will despawn.
What it does & does not have:
It doesn't have (yet):
-An area where you can force particle effects for testing.
-An area where you can observe snowfall or other weather.
-An area with all the sounds for testing.
-A teleport area so you can tp to various natural biomes.

It does have:
Chorus plants, including both flower states
Mushroom block textures, including stem & pores
Shulker, Husk, Stray. Ancient Guardian.
Every horse, organized. (including skeleton & zombie horses)
Bone block, Purpur, End block
Every bunny, including Toast.
Both "friendly" and "angry" wolves.
Every villager.
An enderdragon (he's not in a cage yet though)
A friendly ghast. Just switch to survival and cross that territory line to see his angry face I guess...

This was made by me for me. I made it because at the time I couldn't find anything similar. That was years ago.
Organization leans toward seeing the most
important textures first (in my personal opinion).
Then everything is kinda just laid out in shopping aisles.

Further Notes
1) Nothing depends on leads (since they are bugged beyond belief).
Animals are behind glass/barrier/fence.
It does depend on certain mobs' inability to fit between mismatched fence posts (and your ability to squeeze through).
It depends on barriers and glass blocks.
It depends on nametags to keep mobs from naturally despawning.
If any of these things change/break in an update, it could cause problems.

2) Why does that first area seem so randomly organized?

Well, when I started, I actually did it in entirely in a Survival game using only the most basic commands to give me simple eggs.
Yes, including the ghast and the bat, my proudest moments...
which I later realized was silly because if I had known more, it would have all been much easier.
And I was only focused on a few things, so the organization was logical at the time. Then I just kept adding stuff...

TIPS for Mix & Matching, switching textures, etc.
Yes, you can easily switch most textures just by renaming them.
Do you wish that pretty black wool texture was your coal block texture?
Easy to fix. No art skill needed.

Yes, you can easily Mix & Match packs.
Even in the old Minecraft, it wasn't hard. Don't be afraid.
Yes, you can mix old and new versions.
No, a pack never needs to be complete. If the pack only has one texture, than it changes only one thing.
Vanilla Minecraft will always be there to fill-in the gaps. Do some texture testing and you will be amazed at how many "complete" "updated" packs are actually missing stuff.

Yes, you can mix sizes.
Use 16x16px size WITH 64x64 and even WITH anything that's a square!
NO, it doesn't even have to be a multiple of 16!
You could use 10x10 or 200x200. It doesn't matter.
"Free Mac icons" (.png files) are a great resource for items, if you're looking for a special-something for personal use.
They're already a reasonable size, square shaped, and a png. Just what you need.
Why are there no texture packs that make the bread look like waffles?! Do it yourself, no art skill needed.
My computer can't handle HD textures... Well, it can probably handle a few.
When I played MC on a really old computer, I had a wonderful selection of quality textures - without issues - because I changed the most commonly seen blocks into smaller sizes. By downsizing dirt, grass, trees, and stone, I fixed a lot of issues. It's a balance. Choose that awesome fancy sword! Just choose smaller textures where you care less. You can have your fancy cake and eat it too, without lag. I promise.
Also, don't forget that each increase in render distance requires exponentially more computer power. For example, render 12 is not twice as much work as render 6. It's much, much, much more! Try turning render down, even just one step. Especially when exploring/traveling a lot.

Yes, you can easily make the animals and villagers shut up.**
To make them silent, get an empty sound file and start copy/pasting/renaming that bugger wherever you want. No mod needed. No sound editor skills needed. No json file writing. Just copy/paste/rename.
Wish the cats (dogs,cows,etc) would just make LESS noise? That's possible too.
For example, Cats have 4 meows. I
changed 3 of the meows to the purr or silent sound. Now loud meows happen a fraction of the time (literally, a fourth). Almost all the animals have vanilla "soft" sounds you can use to replace the "loud" sounds (cows huff, dogs shake). Or use a blank sound file. Specifically: Delete 3 meows, but write down what they were named. Now make 3 extra copies of the soft purr sound. Now rename the extra purrs using the filenames you wrote down. The game will look for a meow sound and play the purr without knowing the difference. It only looks for the file based on its name.

Keep your texture packs unzipped.
It's an old wives tale that they need to stay zipped. If you're mix & matching, just keep everything unzipped all the time. No need for anything to be zipped up. They're zipped for convenient uploading/downloading on the internet.

Old texture packs WORK FINE in new Minecraft.
Ignore the warnings. If something won't work, it usually reverts to vanilla textures for that one item. The world does not end. An old skin might be a bit off. The endermite doesn't care if half his face is on his leg. He won't combust or something. Even the dreaded "error" texture won't hurt anything, it's just ugly. I promise.

Use a mini-pack that changes just signs (& glass?) when browsing/mixing.
Even if you don't want to mix, I still suggest changing signs to something easily readable.
(So many packs are horrible at this. They use dark, low-contrast,
mottled designs for some evil hidden agenda I haven't figured out yet.
Signs were literally meant to be read, yet so many packs use dark wood
with darker random patches for black text. Wow guys. Do you also write
letters to your grandma in yellow pen on white paper? The universe hates
you. And just because your pack is "dark" doesn't mean you have to have poor functional design. No excuses!)

Everything has signs on it, you will want to read them quickly and easily. Not strain and have to fly your face right up close.
Many things are behind glass, although I'm slowly changing to (invisible) barriers.
I just hope some update doesn't make barriers get buggy. (Like how you shouldn't trust mobs behind glass panes, they glitch through and end up loose. Glass blocks however seem as good as any other block.)
Just place the mini pack above the pack you're testing and it will override their signs & glass. I have a simple glass texture if anyone wants.

Always keep an eye out for good Holiday flair as you browse.
Wish for a bit of Holiday Flair while keeping most of your pack the same?
While browsing any pack, keep in mind any things you like - but wouldn't want all the time.
Wow this pack uses a white candlestick for the torch - that would be cool during Christmas.
Wow this pack uses a green flame for fire - that would be cool during Halloween.
This is one of the easiest and most fun things an amateur can do. Just make a small pack that only changes a few things. Load it above your favorite packs to see just those changes. Mix & matching for a subtle effect (instead of using someone's pack
that turns everything into a theme) is easy!
Remember those "Free Mac Icons"? -How about turning the flowers into little ghosts for Halloween? When you walk outside, instead of a few flowers on a hill, you might see little ghosts, skulls, candy corn...

Feeling adventurous? With a basic art editor, you can even alter your favorite textures to have a bit of flair. Insert a wreath onto your favorite door textures. Add a bit of white on the edge of your favorite glass to get a frosty effect. Put a red bow around your chest. Edit your sapling and leaves so the trees are decorated. Choose an obscure block, like blue clay. Grab the texture that's used in your house's walls (wood planks?) Paste a garland across it. Now go into your house and replace part of the walls with the "blue clay" (which now looks like garland on wood). Now your house has garland accents! You'll feel warm and cozy in no time!

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