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The 100 Days Dome - 1.16.4 Hardcore Map

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Cheeanne avatar Cheeanne
Level 5 : Apprentice Crafter
Thank you for clicking and checking out this map!

This map is a vanilla Minecraft world with the seed 4903077495109500826, the world spawn moved and put underneath a glass dome!
The idea is originated by SolidarityGaming, who used the world to create the video I Spent 100 DAYS Inside A DOME In Minecraft and Here's What Happened..

As a staff member for SolidarityGaming's community, I created this world for his use in the video linked here. The world has been uploaded here for anyone wishing to take on the dome challenge SolidarityGaming completed in his video

World Features
  • 400 block diameter glass dome, surrounded by an additional barrier block dome
  • Multiple biomes including plains, mountain, desert, savanna, and jungle
  • Savanna village
  • Mineshaft
  • Stronghold

World Challenge
  • Hardcore mode! Survive 100 days without dying!
  • There is no dome or barrier in the Nether. Part of the challenge is not to build another portal to break out of the dome!

I hope you enjoy this challenge! If you find any odd things, please feel free to comment here or reach out to me on SolidarityGaming's Discord Server. https://discord.gg/R7SBCzM

Check out SolidarityGaming's Original Video here!
Click me: 100 Hardcore Days in a Dome video!

Please be sure to review the Readme and License file within the map files for Terms of Use information.
CreditSolidarityGaming - Hardcore Dome Challenge Originator - youtube.com/user/solidaritygaming
Progress100% complete

02/19/2021 11:21 am
Level 1 : New Miner
minecraftplayz57 avatar
i love it
02/19/2021 6:43 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
BlitzBot42 avatar
I Died thanks to a CREEPER and I got really attached to a horse I tamed. Her name was Dot.
02/18/2021 8:14 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Engineer
Dispharmacy avatar
Great work ;)
02/18/2021 9:04 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Crafter
Cheeanne avatar
Thank you!
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