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The 1849 Gold Rush Mod Pack

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I had this idea in school learning about the 1849 Gold Rush. My mind was also linked on minecraft at the time, then the ideas collided.

My mod pack idea will include some popular mods like TooManyItems, Millinaire (or however you spell it), and my own "custom" mod (if you could, please submit ideas on what my mod name should be, thnx)

In my mod, it will introduce new items and machines, such as Tin Ore. It will be used to make "Tin Pan"s. Tin Pan's will have a 100 use (or duribility). They can be crafted by; having tin ingots in the bottom row, one in the middle left, and one in the middle right. And "Gold Streams" will be added, they are rivers about 20-30 blocks long. You have a 1/2 chance of them spawning in villages. When you use the Tin Pan on the gold stream by right clicking, there is a 1/4 chance of getting a gold nugget. (With the denars in the millinaire mod, i will some how make it so that you can old in stacks of hundreds.) Then there is also a 1/8 chance when panning for gold, that you can get a "Pay Dirt". This is where the extra tin comes in.

You will also be able to make a machine called a "Shaker". It is made by having; tin ingots in all 4 corners, iron ingots in middle left and right, redstone in middle bottom, a furnace in the middle, and a dispenser in the middle top. It is powered by redstone, and it will have 1 use (or charge). In the end, you will get a gold nugget.

A gold nugget or gold ingot will be sold to or by the villagers at the millinaire villages. 1 gold nugget will be sold for 2 denars, while a gold ingot will be sold for 20 denars. Then you will also be able to buy picks, shovels, hoe's, and leather.

Please comment and tell me what you think. Thank you!

Additional Notes

BTW, i have no idea how to make a mod, so please bear with me if you are looking forward to this mod pack. Thank you again!

And also, this is not a server, i forgot to put this under "Mods". My bad!
CreditThe textbook that i read it from. And the website that i got the picture from.
Progress20% complete

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