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The Abyss - Survival Custom Mobs & Weapons [OPTIFINE MAP] [1.17]

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mlgimposter avatar mlgimposter
Level 47 : Master Crewmate
Welcome to the Abyss, friend.

The M.E.G, while doing a nuclear test, a scientist commited an error in the calculations, and the nuclear generator exploded.
You and your friends, trapped in the Backrooms, were chilling in the base, but then the explosion occurred, and all of you went into a coma.
After 12 years, you all wake up, and see that the backrooms aren't the same like before.
Diseases infected and zombified many M.E.G members, many monsters were born, and all the entities died.

New weapons were made, and many new bases were made.
Welcome to your new and last home, The Abyss

- Custom Weapons with custom textures
- Custom Biomes
- 1.17 Support
- Custom trades with survivors
- Custom armor sets with custom textures
- Guns
- Fully decorated map
- Mini-games
- Lag-less map
- No Mods required
- Custom Datapacks
- Custom mobs
- Custom furnitures
- Structures
- Multi-player Support (BETA)

The Abyss features "Mini-games".
Mini-games can be played by clicking the Mini-games button in the start room.

Currently Avaible Mini-games:

Zombie Infection
Survive as long as possible in a camp inside a forest from the zombies, using your guns and food.

Skeletron Boss Battle
Defeat the skeletron and his minions with your full netherite set.

Parkour (Easy & Hard)
Train your parkour skills in the Parkour mini-game.


By downloading The Abyss, you agree to the following license.

1) Redistributing
It is allowed to redistribute The Abyss only if you use the original link (PlanetMinecraft) and if you claim that it was made by MLGImposter.
You can't host your own files of The Abyss on your site or link, the download must direct to the PlanetMinecraft page.
Also, you can't use any monetized links.

2) Modifying the Map
You're allowed to modify the map ONLY for yourself, you can't share it online, unless you have written permission from MLGImposter.

3) Using Textures from the map
Using textures from The Abyss is allowed only if i'm fully credited.

A thank you to these people that helped me.

Made the models for hats cosmetics, and for statues.

Made the textures for Amethyst armor & sword.

Progress100% complete

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