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The Age of Valandus: Rise of the Interstellar Republic

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Rho569120 avatar Rho569120
Level 35 : Artisan Architect
Hello everyone..I'd like to present to you "The Age of Valandus." It is
truly a massive work, one that yours truly has been working on for more
than a year. It is a project that encompases several individual planets
in game, all due to mods such as Galacticraft and its addons, as well as
Elysium, etc

please note: this was built for minecraft 1.7.10

Your Minecraft Directory location: Users (Your name)/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft
You must remove the folders: Mods & Config. This is due to editing that was done, if you do not due this, I canot guarentee that the game will work. (You don't need to delete them, just put them elsewhere and replace with the ones provided, while playing this game)
Once you download the file, you'll see it is a folder. Within the folder are three seperate folders. Please read below.
Folder with Mods: If you have a Mod Folder, I
highly recommend you copy it and remove it, and place the ones listed
They all work together, and IDK if the game will work properly if it
starts at all. (This is due to blocks shifting and changing due to added
mods. It can turn a block from a simple silver colors block in game
into something explosive.)
Folder named Config: Just
place it in your games main .minecraft directory.I had to modify the
configs for some mods so that the game would work right.
Folder with game save: Take the entire folder named "The Age of Valandus" and place it into your saves folder.
Folder with Texture pack zip.: Take the Zip (without unzipping it)
file (Not the whole folder) and place it into the Resource Pack Folder
in your .Minecraft directory. Turn the game on, go to options, and click
resource packs, and add "Our Rise" to your list on the right side. The
game will lag for a sec, and then it'll adopt the pack.
Additional and important note: In
the schimatics link will be a zip with a few files (Not a schimatic) please down
the zip, unzip it, and place those folders in your main minecraft
directory. These are important towards NPC's that were creatred, amongst
other things. I
forgot to add them, and instead of spending several hours waiting for
the game to upload to mediafire again, i'll just do it this way lol.

DIamond if you like!!

How to get around

There are stargates present in all dimensions, save for the nether
& end, courtesy of Lanteacraft. They work by going to the device
that will usually be standing in front of the gate, and using your
keyboard to dial in a provided code for a planet. Each planet has its
own code. Once you dial it, the Stargate will begin to move and lock in
each of the symbols you dial in and hit enter or press the circle in the
center. (The Symbols correspond to keyboard buttons) and once it has
locked in all the symbols, it will open up the portal. (DO NOT STAND
need only walk through at that point... However, once through, in order
to go through the gate again, you must go to the Dialing device, press
the button in the center to deactivate the gate, and then dial in the
new gatecode.  The Dialers are powered by crystals which will be found
small storeage shacks that will be provided, just in case. Further, if a
gate is bugging out a little, you can do a manual reset of it by
placing a block in the middle of it. This will revert the gate back to
blocks. Removing the block will set the gate back again.

Ahhh, and be sure to ALWAYS have your thermal armor, oxygen systems,
etc, on and ready if you play in survival. They too will be generously
provided in many locations.

And in the environments with very low gravity, use the grappler which ought also be provided in most storage bins,

The Story.

All things in the universe are not permanent…Some are ephemeral.
Questionable as to their existence…Some things are long lasting…And
somethings must change in order to persist. In the myths and legends of
the age before humanities “Lost Age”.. There is talk of the once great
Terran Empire…In what we call the “Imperial Age.” Hehe, the idea that
Valandus is not the birthplace of humanity…I guess that’s why it is all
considered myth and legend, eh?

Ah? You want to learn about these things..Well good.. Get something to eat, and take a seat…I’ll tell you everything I know..

Heh..Ah what is said to have existed in those times…Remarkable
engineering to say the least…Ships so massive…That the populations of
those ships were like mobile colonies in of themselves…Hive Cities that
had long covered the crust of some colony
worlds…Stability..Unity…..Dignity… That is what these stories tell us
about…But the end of that story..That is the hardest part..It tells of a
war that came upon humanity and its colony worlds..A War that saw
hundreds of trillions of souls over hundreds of colony worlds
extinguished…The Climax of it..The Battle for Earth…A Ferocious battle
where it was said that the enemy, which is called “The Great Terror”
fell from the heavens of the “homeworld” and started a slaughter of
humanity so thorough…That it was said the skies were tinged red.. But
Earth was not given so easily!.. No..The Great Terror was met by the
“Legio Tempestus..” The Army of Super Soldiers tasked with the
protection of Earth…But it was all for nought… It is recorded that as
the Walls of the Imperial Palace collapsed..A young Warrior of the
Legion sent out a message that reverberated through the remaining
colonies..Through the remaining fleets..Through the whole of
humanity..”Earth is where Humanity was Born…Where it was raised..And
what it claimed to be home…But to return here..Is to return to certain
Death..” This transmission, the last to come from Earth was the
beginning of a collapsed in the structure of humanity that was the
beginning of the “Lost Age.” But that’s all myth and legend…We have no
real proof that any of this actually took place..Though, I hear some
oddities have been found on a small hot world in the Sirius System,
Sirius B..We shall see..

Ahh..More you want?... Inquisitive….Yes, the Lost Age was dark.. It
lasted around 25,000 years, and due to that we know very little about
what took place prior to it..Though we have some ideas.. In that time,
Valandus, our world rose from small settlements all over its
surface..And unified into sprawling hives.. And inevitably, it developed
its space technologies and reached out into the heavens. We quickly
learned that there were other human colonies out there.. We cannot
figure out why, though some attribute that to the legends of the
Imperial Age. We found that while some worlds were filled with humans
like you and I..A few were populated by off shoots of the human race…It
was at this time that the Unification Proclamation was made by the
Valandian Republics Government, and sent to all of the other worlds of
humanity, including the off shoots… The bulk of the human worlds
peacefully unified with Valandus…But the two world in the Sirius System
that belonged to the Sub-Humans refused…This caused a war…One of the
worlds was brought under the control of Valandus..While the other
managed to fight with such ferocity that an armistice was signed..And an
uneasy peace exists there to this day.

Once Valandus began to unify the settlements of humanity..Which are
but a handful of worlds..The Lost Age ended..And so began a new Age for
humanity..The Age of Valandus

Though I have always wondered..If those myths about the Imperial Age
are true…What was the “Great Terror”, and where did it come from?....Oh
well..Hey, maybe you’ll be the one to discover that, eh? Enough stories
for now I suppose..More later.

It is important that you follow the instructions for downloading and
installing the game, as follows. Yes, it seems complicated but it is
not. And I assure you, it will be worth while.


-The map will be released within a few days, i'm putting the final touches on some of the parts of this version.
-I would love it if someone or several people would help me on this
project. It takes quite a lot of work to do it alone, and I have no
modding experience, and a modder willing to help me on this would be
-PArts of this map consist of parts from other maps/buildings by
other people on PMC as well as other websites. I've accumulated a lot of
this over the span of nearly two years, and truthfully I known only a
few peoples whose works i've used. As such, if you see your work
incorporated into my project and want to be cited, please message me:
Your name, The structure of yours that I used, where it is located in my
map, a link to your projects page that has that structure in it, and
where it is located within that map., and i'll cite you immediately!!
And if you want it removed, send me the same info, and i'll go about
removing the structure from the next version of the map.
-There are several mods in the game as well, I claim no ownership of
them, but must say, wow, ya'll whose mods are included made some
impressive stuff that turned out awesome when put together! If you
would, please message me on PMC or the Forums about citing your mod
properly, and i'll be sure to do it as quickly as possible on all pages!
-If you intend to use this map, please note that some of its
structures are not mine, but some of them are. As is, it is fine to play
on it, or make modification to it, but if you publish your modded
version, you must cite me and this project page. Further, this project
is not to be used on anyones server.
-This will become a Server relatively soon, but i'll continue to also produce updates of this map for players!

I am in need of
to create a small mod, or modify a current mod with its available API
to better fit the game (In particular, creation of Star Systems through
the Galacticraft API)
-Someone to help me make structures such as buildings or ships (Please provide copies of your works for me to examine.)
-Someone to help me do ingame work on the story, items, etc.
-Someone that will help me figure out how to make a server (I have a computer I can dedicate to it.)
If anyone is interested, please message me and we will talk.

Current State of the Project
Valandus (Constant state of work being done)
Sirius B: 90% (In need of examination because it is buggy sometimes.)
Polongnius: 100% Done
Fronos: 100% Done (Future Plans for expansion)
Nibiru: 100% Done (For the time being, it is not habitable for villagers without aid)
Koentus: 100% Done
Diona: 100% Done
Kapteyn: 100% Done
Tyranus: 50% (Constant state of development)
Unknown World: 50% (More planned)
Earth: 100% Done (More planned)
All planets and moons in the main Solar System are reachable, but most of them have nothing on them as of yet.)
Warning: The End is unreachable for the time being due to a bug.
-Story system-
The story system is about 25% done, some parts in place though, which you'll see.
Some worlds have villagers, some do not. You can populate them if ya life.

-Do not use the dimensiontp command, in most cases I have not put a transporter in its landing locations.
-Do not use the rocket systems, it will crash the game, use the gates, that's what they're there for!

Thank you for your time, and lets look forward to some awesome stuff, ya?

CreditDerentis, Neroxyl, Necroslasher, GrayRemnant, MrNada, euroc159, Just_Alvaro, KerianH
Progress100% complete

3 Update Logs

Update #3 : by Rho569120 09/11/2015 1:24:46 amSep 11th, 2015

Started alterations to entire map, making more custom built structures in the hive buildings. You can see them my prospero builds etc. So far, updated 200 MB of stuff.

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04/17/2018 9:21 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
Ribbons0121 R121
Ribbons0121 R121 avatar
*mind blown motion* this is so good, i litteraly have no words but that.
is your'e computer on?
05/26/2016 10:39 am
Level 1 : New Miner
JaySOCraft avatar
Wow thats by far the biggest project ive ever seen. I wonder about the genre: is it based on Warhammer 40k(because some starships look like those imperial ones in warhammer 40k)??!
07/19/2016 9:15 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Architect
Rho569120 avatar
Yes, in incorporated 40K along with dozens of mods and worlds. It has Battle Barges and even a crashed one on one planet.
09/22/2015 10:48 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
ZNationXV avatar
I can help with the server and creation but have to send you the map i have it on.
Is oo for me to add other mods?
09/23/2015 2:09 am
Level 35 : Artisan Architect
Rho569120 avatar
Pm me about the server. As for other mods, my experience indicates that in order to incorporate other mods, itd require going to the added planets and resetting their block ids to whatever new number they have, as well as having to redo or destroy other blocks with changed ids. The next version of it will be more stream line. Please look to the other page, Hive City Valandus for its main info, and look at prospero for an idea as aspects of its future.
09/23/2015 4:12 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
ZNationXV avatar
you don't have to change id i can make sure the mods work with what you have and not ruin it
09/24/2015 1:20 am
Level 35 : Artisan Architect
Rho569120 avatar
please contact me in private messages over this, ya?
09/24/2015 1:20 am
Level 35 : Artisan Architect
Rho569120 avatar
I'dl ike to hear more on this server idea, that's why i'm asking you to message me.
09/24/2015 9:21 am
Level 1 : New Miner
ZNationXV avatar
09/03/2015 8:01 pm
Level 23 : Expert Creeper
SkyTommy avatar
Looks like Fantastic Map! Photos is awesome ;) I like it :D
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