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Zandercross12's Avatar Zandercross12
Level 22 : Expert Miner
Rough draft of the backrooms. Taken some inspiration from the backrooms by Kane Pixels and some minecraft backrooms videos and decided to create a full game of the backrooms level 0. The backrooms in this map will generate endlessly, and you would be lucky to even find the exit before the thing lurking in the backrooms finds you first. There are definitely some performance issues with this one and I will definitely try to rid this from as many of them as I can. Have fun!

BTW also multiplayer (although laggy, but if you have beefy computer, then nevermind).

Scary game btw

UPDATE: Forgot to also mention that the only way so far to reset the map is to reload the world. I will try to find a way to reset the map without needing to reload it.

UPDATE 2: So it looks like this will be as good as it will get for now. Other than accidentally putting players into survival mode on spawn, There isn't really much I would change. Also, I would definitely love to see videos on this if anyone wants to record this map and upload this to youtube.

UPDATE 3: Didn't realize for the longest time that the player was on the monster's team at the beginning, causing the monster to not attack the player. Hopefully should be fixed.

UPDATE 4: LOL I didn't realize that I only updated the alternate link and not the actual download button. There, now there should be updated code in there.

Updates in the future:
- Will hopefully add a timer to make the bacteria monster more scarce. For now, there will be lots of encounters with the bacteria monster.
CreditKane Pixels (inspired), MrCube6 (for wall generation idea)
Progress95% complete

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06/17/2022 10:23 pm
Level 22 : Expert Miner
Zandercross12's Avatar
Forgot to also credit MrCube6 for inspiring me to make this as well. Their video helped me implement the infinite wall generations.