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Misplaced | a Backrooms horror map [DEMO]

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InfiniteXgg avatar InfiniteXgg
Level 46 : Master Miner
a Backrooms
Horror map
Minecraft 1.18.2
This map is inspired in the backrooms and a little bit of Kane Pixels's video series, has it's own lore and happens in an alternative universe,
will count with a lot of zones, for now we have:
Game modes:
- Singleplayer campaign mode (may have bugs when playing in a server/local multiplayer game) done
- Multiplayer mode (Player vs Player) done
- Multiplayer mode (Cooperative) Work In progress ×
- OPTIFINE 1.18.2
- Ambient noises: 100% (or above 50%)
- GUI size: 2
- Brightness: moody
- Dynamic lights: ON
- Custom Models: ON
- Chunk render distance: 15 (recommended)
Now I have a discord server!
Link to my discord


to have a better experience you need to download an optional shader
Resource pack is integrated now! you don't have to download it again!...
But you will need it to play it in multiplayer:
Link to the resource pack (if you have issues or want to play multiplayer mode in a server)

ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤLink to the optional shader (or just google "Seus renewed v1.01 shadder")

                (you can use any shader you like tho)

Hope you enjoy my progress on this map so far ;)
(May contain bugs)
pls play at 15 chunks or more

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Just opened a PATREON!
Link here
Progress45% complete

15 Update Logs

Changes made into [Demo v6.0.0] February 10th 2023 : by InfiniteXgg 02/10/2023 4:25:53 pmFeb 10th

Misplaced | backrooms horror map [​Demo v6.0.0 The Multiplayer update part 1] February 10th 2023

  • New content:

  - New smiler animation
  - GUI is now animated and customized
  - New Multiplayer Items:
  • Power Supply Module: [​Reworked texture]
  • Decoder: [​Reworked texture]
  • EMPulse: [​Reworked texture]
  • - [​NEW] Energy Drink: Grants more stamina
  • - [​NEW] System Update: Resets every item cooldown
  - New spectator commands to multiplayer mode (using /trigger)
  - Added a new map to multiplayer mode! [​Window Garden] + Modifiers
  - Updated Bacteria multiplayer model to the current one at campaign mode
  - Added new abilities for bacteria on multiplayer mode
  - Items now can randomly spawn in multiplayer mode
  - Added a timer to multiplayer mode
  - You can now recharge your stamina bar even if it is not completely empty

  • Bug Fixes:
  - Fixed an issue where stamina bar would be shared when playing campaign mode in multiplayer
  - Fixed compatibility issues between campaign mode and the lobby multiplayer map

  • Multiplayer adjustments
    - Adjusted global cooldown for all items in the lobby multiplayer map

  - InfiniteXgg

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03/17/2023 7:07 amhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
EHXTheAdventurer avatar
Which OptiFine features does this use? Because I prefer to use Fabric, which has the OptiFine features split across a bunch of different mods.

Also, will I fall into your Backrooms when navigating the Backrooms from LudoCrypt's mod? Or does it only happen in the Overworld?
03/17/2023 2:27 pm
Level 46 : Master Miner
InfiniteXgg avatar
Optifine Models (cem) and I dont know, It is intended to be played without mods except optifine
02/25/2023 5:24 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
darkweapon avatar
How do I enter? A normal map appears and I already installed the mod
02/26/2023 11:25 am
Level 46 : Master Miner
InfiniteXgg avatar
You just need to go mining, eventually you'll fall into the backrooms
02/15/2023 12:25 pm
Level 23 : Expert Miner
DanStudio avatar
Excellent work and still a demo, amazing.
02/10/2023 4:42 pm
Level 46 : Master Kitten
SR400X avatar
02/07/2023 7:10 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Miner
MXR1 avatar
Hello! This map is insane! I played it by myself and it was TERRIFYING!! I was screaming so much but I kept going and it was worth it! This is by far the best Minecraft Backrooms map I have ever played! I do have a couple of questions tho.
1. ARE YOU STILL WORKING ON IT? I am very curious because when I saw the poolrooms entrance off level 2, I tried going there but all that happened was I glitched into the wall and had to go into spectator mode to get out and not lose my progress. I also got stuck in level 188.
2. Is it team-compatible? I want to make a youtube video on it with my friends but I don't know If I can.
3. If its not team compatible are you working to make it so?
4. It was a very fun game thank you so much for letting us all play it! :D
02/07/2023 9:08 pm
Level 46 : Master Miner
InfiniteXgg avatar
i! Im glad you liked it, and answering:

1. of course Im still working on it, v6.0.0 is taking more than I expected but it is almost done

2. Campaign mode may glitch in several areas and may not work properly, that's beacuse I made the "Multiplayer Mode" wich is intended to be played on an online server/LAN multiplayer world

3. It is but it may glitch, Im working on a coop mode (coming in version v6.1.0)

4. Thank you for playing :D
02/11/2023 10:18 am
Level 14 : Journeyman Miner
MXR1 avatar
Thanks man!
01/30/2023 7:06 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
darkweapon avatar
No puedo ingresar, me sale un mapa ¿Como accedo al nivel 1?
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