Arabella the bazaar of Mura

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avatar Ethaerith
Level 48 : Master Dragonborn
Hey guys,
This is an big project i`ve spend more than a year building.
Its an project/storyline city for a Dutch kingdom server. The city is being build in commission for the kingdom of Mura.

Also i want to thank some people on the build server who helpt creating this beautiful city.

Unfortunately i quit building on this project because i didnt had the time to finish it. The uploaded pics are the last version of the city where is was the lead builder. It was communicated with the Leader that i am allowed to upload this pics of the project i worked so hard on.

The kingdom Mura is since then finishing the city i left for them.

I hope you guys like the city i created.

This map will NOT GET A DOWNLOAD!
Progress100% complete
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