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The BRD-MC Froglighter

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The_Glittering_One avatar The_Glittering_One
Level 39 : Artisan Dragon
Hi there :)

Welcome to the BRD-MC Froglighter.

This farm produces the 3 frog light variants and magma cream and sort/store the harvest.

I would consider this to be a close replica of a basic frog light farm shown by Shulkercraft.
After trying a few different designs- I settled on this spawner based gem that is about as simple as it gets and is quite effective.

How it works: The spawner will spawn and drop magma cubes in random patterns of sizes that will drop to the dance floor below. On this dance floor are 3 frogs- 1 of each colour spaced 1 block above the floor and spread a block of air between them is a layer of powder snow blocks.
As the magma cubes fall down they pass straight through the snow. The large and medium cubes are frozen by the snow because they are too large to fit between and burst becoming small ones that are eaten by the frogs. The frogs leave magma cream and frog lights behind after their meals which are picked up by the passing hopper-cart below.
The drops are carried to the unloader and then to sort/ storage systems via mech item elevator.

There are 2 schem versions in the zip:

1- Basic unloader- OG Cart- slower unload, cart remains, System uses a comparator to power/de-power the rail for the cart based upon the contents of the hopper it reads.

2- Advanced unloader- system uses an amethyst cluster to break the cart, it passes through a lava cauldron and is reclaimed and fired back out to run the track again. When the cart is broken the drops fall to be collected by hopper below.

The schematic can be pasted on grid within 1 chunk or lined up to an existing spawner location.

This build is part of a world build located here:

Remember to paste redstone asynchronously using methods like Carpet or Fastasynchworldedit. Pasting in tick time presents immediate block updates upon paste among other anomalies that break redstone builds.
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Update #1 : by The_Glittering_One 01/27/2023 10:46:40 pmJan 27th

Minor update to sorting- better storage/ aesthetic.

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