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The BRD-MC Fungal-Flower

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The_Glittering_One avatar The_Glittering_One
Level 38 : Artisan Dragon
Welcome to the BRD-MC Fungal-Flower.

This facility farms Fungus or Flowers and stores 4 varieties. Flowers grown are dependent upon where you paste the schematic. Different places grow different flowers and with that- remember that elevation matters too!!
Run the machine and decide which to keep and what to send to overflow by setting the sorter for the flowers you wish to keep when using the Flower Schematic and simply paste and go with the Fungus Schem. Vines are not abundant enough so they are composted.

The machine works much like our Mighty Moss bone-meal generator but- though it produces decent drop rates, it's not enough when converting the total to bone-meal to be self sustaining. This is where the generator above comes in.

How it works: The growth table is 5x6 grass block- the center left/right 2 are Crimson/ Warped Nylium for the Fungus Schematic. An ED3 Hopper timer controls the thrust of 2 piston lines that jar the growth table right and left.
This happens twice per cycle having bone meal cast with each movement of the table. A counter fires the end of the cycle and flushes the growth off the table. The drops are guided by aqua duct to sorting and storage that is equipped with overflow protection that converts the overflow to bone-meal and is redirected back into the bone meal feed system or sent to the lava ejector- controlled by lever. The cycle timing chosen is to offer a more fluid and continual industrial feel- allow the generator to almost keep pace etc.

The machine is fitted with monitor and replenishment systems for the bone meal feed. The feed hoppers are monitored so that when the bone-meal drops to a certain level the cache upstairs will be released to refill. The Fungi/Flower machine will be stopped automatically. The cache upstairs is also monitored to prompt the run of the bone-meal generator.
The first floor has service access to ejectors, chests etc. and stairs up. Second is observation of growth, third is service area for the bone-meal generator and manual over-ride to run it regardless of the main shutoff. 4th is observation again.

The build can be pasted on grid and allowed to run as it fits in a chunk.

2 schematics are included: The first is the Fungus ready to go and the second is meant to be pasted at chosen altitude and the have the sorter chosen.

This build is part of a world build located here:

Remember to paste redstone asynchronously using methods like Carpet or Fastasynchworldedit. Pasting in tick time presents immediate block updates upon paste among other anomalies that break redstone builds.
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Update #1 : by The_Glittering_One 02/12/2023 2:13:24 pmFeb 12th

Download corrected with Flower schematic instead of bonemeal machine stack.

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