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The BRD-MC Redstone automated Amethyst farm

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The_Glittering_One avatar The_Glittering_One
Level 35 : Artisan Dragon
Hi :)

This is the BRD-MC Amethyst farm.

I know what you're thinking but you need shards for a spyglass. Besides, who doesn't like another Redstone automated machine?

This is a completely automated Redstone device for harvesting all sides of a single budding amethyst block.
The machine is equipped with a timing system that uses another budding block to pulse for each of the 4 stages of evolution of the amethyst nodes.
An observer will pulse each time it sees a stage of "growth" which pulses a dropper to toss out a non stackable item that is stored in the barrel. A comparator reads how many items are within this barrel that is held hostage by the hopper below it having been locked by a torch and outputs a signal. When 4 items have been sent; the desired number before the repeater has been reached and it repeats into a piston that thrusts down another observer that destroys the grown bud and effectively resets the system as it also sends an extended pulse that releases the locking torch on the hopper below the barrel to reset the counter by placing the items back into the dropper. At the time of the timer piston firing, a network of observers and pistons are triggered to harvest the sides of the farm block. The drops fall into hoppers that feed a double chest.

A custom version of this build is included in a world build located here:

Pasting: You are faced south- Up against the front (has chest) left corner at ground level. The build takes 10 blocks wide, 8 deep, 12 tall.

I hope you enjoy!
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