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The BRD-MC Stone Cobbler

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The_Glittering_One avatar The_Glittering_One
Level 35 : Artisan Dragon
Hello :)

Welcome to the BRD-MC Stone Cobbler.

The machine is completely automated- requires you to turn it on or off only :)

Just as the name suggests, this facility makes cobblestone but it's more than that. The machine makes use of 8 stone generators that produce 16 blocks of stone with each thrust. These are pushed downward continually toward the blast chamber floor to a maximum of piston push limit as TnT is then dropped continuously at a set rate to blow the stone into bits. The generators are arranged and the TnT is timed so that they form walls that are wrapped around the blast radius for maximum production per blast. The generators and Tnt Drop are controlled by 2 ED3 hopper timers and the system is also equipped with a night time off circuit.

The floor and subfloor of the blast chamber use water flows to direct the drops down into a short aqua duct system that can send cobblestone directly to storage as well as to furnaces to be turned into stone blocks for storage. The system is equipped with overflow to lava- but simply locking the flow cuts will let the drops de-spawn in the ceiling flow instead of sending them to anything below. The furnaces are fueled by lava buckets by way of chest that is currently replaced using command block with every time that mechanical item elevator fires :) Empty buckets are sent to overflow currently.

A custom version of this build is included in a world build located here:

Pasting: You are faced south- Up against the front (has chest) left corner at ground level. The build takes 17 blocks wide, 17 deep, 32 tall.

Remember to set the command block to spawn the chest of lava in the newly pasted spot in your world ;)

I hope you enjoy!
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Update #1 : by The_Glittering_One 01/03/2023 1:25:00 pmJan 3rd

Minor lighting additions and block adjustments- Bats...

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