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The Building Game Diversity

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avatar FlesyZ
Level 28 : Expert Explorer
The Building Game - Diversity Edition
  made by Flesy_Z

  1. Put the world file in vanilla 1.14 ~ 1.16 Minecraft server, with command blocks enabled.
  2. Gather 3 - 30 people (6 - 30 and doubled players in Double Mode) to join the game,
    and click the button on the gold block to start.
  3. In Topic/Guessing Phase, name the shulker in front of you to submit your topic or your guessing.
  4. In Building Phase, click the button on a diamond block on the wall to claim that you've done building.
  5. When a round complete, you are in Revealing Phase, and right click with the map to reveal players.
  6. At the end of the game, you can clicking the number to teleport what building you want to see!
  7. If you want to reset the game, you can do this at this moment.
  • Target Time - Rotate or break the clock to adjust. It can be activated with the Limit.
  • Randomized Order - Instead of building in order, what if I break free from this?
  • The Judgement - Every builders can judge in Revealing Phase, but not themselves.
  • Double Mode - Game starts in pairs.
  • Topic Roulette - Lots of topics included, though it's an entertainment.
  • Field Palette - There are 8 normal, 2 festival, and 3 on different versions to be selected.
  • Entity Options - Literately, more options for the technique of entities.
  • Anonymous - In Building or Guessing Phase, the last builders will be never known.
  • Building Manual - Floor-changing, mob-moving or notification can be used in this book while building.
  • Admin Mode - For the broadcasters who have fun with their audience!
  • Datapack-based - There's no command blocks, but 50+ functions executing in this map.
  • Multi-Languages - English, Japanese and Traditional Chinese supported!
As a fan of SethBling's The Building Game, it seems not to be updated, so I spent lots of time on making this.
I called it "Diversity" just because of its features that I added.
Due to some reasons, I plan to make it better to the limit.
And, I thank my friends in Lobby for testing.
Hope you enjoy :D
Progress100% complete

7 Update Logs

v 1.6 Update : 06/23/2020 12:14:12 pmJun 23rd


- Added
  New Mode: Admin Mode - For broadcasters who are willing to let their audience join the game!
    An Admin have the authorities to start a game, to command a trigger, to start voting, and to reveal!
  New palette: Bastion - Blackstone-dressed, gold-decorated, just like a real one! (1.16 exclusive)
  New trigger: /skip - In Guessing Phase, Builders can vote to skip to the next.
    All Builders need to vote to skip or not!
    If the online builders are not enough, those who want to "/skip" may have an urge to end the game!
  New features:
    When some builders leave the game, they will be revoked after a Guessing Phase!
    "An unknown builder" will replace with those who are not on their position.

- Changed
  For changing the floor - You can also change the bedrock layer to air!
  Adventure Mode in Guessing - Builders will get a Star to float up, so that they can watch clearly.
  Improved the Anti-Explosives.
  Change the position of lectern for Introduction.

- Fixed
  Block detector to change the floor in Building Manual doesn't work during a game.
  Getting teleport-ed under the room in Topic Phase.
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