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The Caelitus Archipelago | 8000 x 8000 Terraform and Megabuild

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GhostXavier avatar GhostXavier
Level 49 : Master Architect
This is the official download spot for this map since this is the only place I personally upload my work. Any other places where you can download my map were done without my permission; I was never asked and will never approve of download links on other sites. I can not guarantee that any other download links are safe for your computer. If you want to stay tuned for map updates and notifications, this is the only correct place to check.

We're now in Beta!

If you like what you've seen, feel free to spread the word in case you know anyone who'd like a Minecraft adventure! I'll be working
diligently on the final stage of this project!

The Caelitus Archipelago | 8000 x 8000 Terraform and Megabuild Minecraft Map
The Caelitus Archipelago - Basic Information
- Beta Version 1.2.0, 1.24 GBs packed. 1.68GBs unpacked.
- 8000 x 8000 Blocks Map Size
- World Water Level in the 90s for better ocean & cave terraforming/exploration
- All Vanilla Biomes Present
- Minecraft Version 1.8.9
- Compatible for exploration with Pixelmon v4.2.7
- Designed, working interiors with MrCrayfish Furniture v4.0.1

This is the second Pokemon adventure map and the successful one. I am the sole constructor of this map, a year in the making. Structures were all hand-built with some help from WorldEdit for speed, with each one being unique in design but sharing a common theme. Map was terraformed on World Painter.

Pixelmon Nuummite was too large and ambitious of a project whole, and contained too many contradictions and overarching themes that it was eventually scrapped. I instead through all my efforts into learning from the mistakes made and to refine a new project into what the Logota Region was suppose to accomplish. Once fully completed this map will allow for a true Pixelmon adventure experience without breaking the immersion that this is still Minecraft.

The amount of detail packed into this map only a quarter of the size of Logota makes exploring it significantly more rewarding and less time consuming. It’s design as an archipelago and my newfound mastery of WorldPainter will allow me to expand this map with new islands should the time come, with equal detail and design for every new island; But this is for the future.

If you also couldn't tell by the amount of detail and lore I've thrown to this map, this is going to become a living, breathing environment. I will scatter information, whether through immersive assets or on-map material, that will help make this world truly feel alive and interconnected with known Pokemon regions and new ones of my invention, including some tributes to the Logota region (modernized and revamped of course).

What's in the Current Map Package?
Beta version 1.3.0 currently contains a 57mb detailed image (that you can zoom of course) of the entire map and an incomplete version of the Blue Coast Map; Use them so you don't get lost. There's currently no key for either yet but it's straightforward to read, just make a note red text means it's an underground Point of Interest. There's also a "cheats" folder that shows where the Type Masters are.

The resource pack is included in the file download. Simply move the included zip into your resource packs folder so the special trainers will look proper.

It also contains the installation instructions for the map and if you would like the modded version. It's a very friendly guide to all experience levels. No mods will ever be included with the map download. There's only three to find out there and my guide shows you how to find the main two, so no worries. Also included is the version information which states what mod version should be used if you go that route.

The actual map file is included. I don't believe this actually needs to be said but that is indeed the Beta map.

Current Map Status
The map has been upgraded to 1.8.9 compatibility with the latest mods of MrCrayfish Furniture (4.0.1) and Pixelmon (4.2.7).

The entire map is finished with construction. Ferry terminals are fully operational. All buildings are furnished. Pokeloot is placed. Trainers and dialogue NPCs are placed. Apricot Trees are placed. Shop keepers and Pokemon Center operators are all on the map. Beta Version 1.3.0 is fully modded and ready for the fine tuning to turn it into a full fledged Pixelmon Adventure Map, as it was always meant to be.

Next Version Release Information
Beta Version 1.4 will continue to upgrade the caves increase map quality in the micro sections, but the highest priority is fixing the wooden furniture that has been removed since upgrading to MCF 4.0.1.

Previous Versions
Alpha V1.0 Download
This will be the only download available of previous version and done simply for those who wish to see the map before all the serious mod blocks were placed and the buildings furnished. If you would like to start the map's interior design from scratch or prefer a smaller file for vanilla exploration (though not smaller by much), than this is the download you want.

Extra Credits to those who lent a hand
Unlike Pixelmon Nuummite, I am the sole creator of this map, in terms of terraform and building construction. There are donations given by my personal friends to help make the area more interesting and extra credits will be stated here.

Deadkoalas: The creator of Titanic and an old friend of mine since High School. His Titanic has been donated and modified and has the honor of being the S.S. Weber, the first cruise ship to be accepted into Caelitus waters. Its presence on the map will signify the end of all construction/placement and the map’s release as Release Version 1.0. As such, it will not be in Alpha or Beta.

Wuufwuuf: The creator of the Sapphire Sea build that was showcased in my other project file. He created the shape and design in survival because we get that bored on survival servers. It has been redesigned and used as an underwater ruin on this map that gives a nice scuba diving experience. It’s been extensively modified to look decrepit and old as a ruins should. He has also donated the fountain design in front of the Bluecoast Ferry Terminal and the base design for the manor that he will reside in on our personal, private server.

The Caelitus Archipelago | 8000 x 8000 Terraform and Megabuild Minecraft Map
Main Page Pop Reel Within 4 Hours. 5 FEB 2016. PST
Peaked at 2nd Place on "What's Hot". 6 FEB 2016. PST

Silver Medal - GrayRemnant's Week in Review - Week of Jan 31st, 2016

100 Diamonds - 23 APR, 2016.

Thanks for all the support!

The Caelitus Archipelago Region
“The extreme weather conditions of the region create a region of unparalleled beauty supported by a very conservation minded country.” - Pokemon Geographic, April 2009 Issue

“There’s something for everyone here, quite literally as island clusters share localized weather patterns. Which side of the straight you explore is determined by whether you like hot or cold temperatures.” - Quentin Jaques, Former Regional Champion of Logota

“Despite being a free range where trainers are allowed to fight and capture Pokemon, you can easily find places of tranquil solitude to enjoy the islands! I guess it also helps there’s a ticket system in place that limits the number of trainers and captures.” - Naomi Albizu, Internationally Acclaimed Pokemon Contest Judge

“Whenever I come here, I easily forget I came for the challenge. It’s a place where you can just lose track of everything and enjoy a variety of vistas that would normally take many international flights to see in one trip... all with a simple ferry ticket.” - Hoenn Times Head Editor Milliana Triagi

“The mysterious ruins and weather patterns make this place a scientific gold mine. We’ve been trying to unlock their secrets years before Bluecoast’s creation. We’re very surprised with how helpful the trainer community has been with helping us prove and disprove theories around these puzzling items.” - Doctor Mark Hemlock, Pokemon History Professor at Jubilife University

The Caelitus Archipelago is a region located near the equator and is gifted with a weather system that scientists have puzzled over for decades. The small ocean divide between the two sides of the archipelago shift dramatically in climate, making the region one of a kind in terms of Pokemon diversity. Its distance relative to the major regions make it easy for migratory sealife and birds to reach the famous Archipelago.

It is this unique blend that had conservationists worried about the future of the Archipelago with the swift rise of official leagues; Trainers were sure to discover the region’s treasure trove of Pokemon diversity that allowed them to swiftly build teams and possibly decimate the wildlife population. In recognition of its importance as a tourist destination and in serious need of protection, they compromised with the creation of the only population center allowed on the island in the form of Bluecoast, the resort city. This hub would serve as the center of the area to allow tourists and trainers to safely reach the other island while providing a base of operations for the Caelitus Rangers to protect the now designated World Heritage Site.

The other islands and the surrounding waters remain under strict protection and a ticket system allows for groups of qualified trainers to enter the area on a timed basis and with strict capture regulations. This compromise allows populations to remain stable while allowing tourists the enjoyment of seeing this one of a kind place as it truly deserves to be seen; untamed and uninhabited. Like trainer regulations, only select cruise ships are allowed to visit the city and one airline currently holds the monopoly on being the only flight to and from the region.

Trainers may choose to stay at hotels in Blue Coast as tourists do, or they may camp in the islands so long as they receive the proper permits and follow “pack in, pack out” regulations.

The Caelitus League
“The antiquated league systems of the other regions don’t compare to the adventure and difficulty offered by the Caelitus Archipelago! Regardless of whether or not you manage to compete successfully among the greatest trainers in the world, you leave the region with a feeling of success an accomplishment that exhilarates the soul; It is truly the final challenge of the Pokemon Battling world!” - Trainer Life Magazine, March 2010 Issue, Cover Story

This map is being made to be a single player experience, a Minecraft version of your standard, overused Pokemon but with its own twist. It can also do well as a server map since it will contain an inbuilt system to help the server owner manage the rankings and flexibility.

There’s only one town. There’s no gyms. Victory Road is literally just a road.

But why the simplicity? To break the standard mold of Pokemon without deviating too drastically. To help explain the difference, I will explain part of the background information.

There are still “gym leaders” so to speak. Unlike the regular games that require 8 badges and then traversing victory road, Caelitus has Type Masters. Each Type Master is a Pokemon Ranger that helps patrol the islands and marine reserve, depending on their given specialty; Only trainers who have shown total mastery of their type can be accepted as Type Masters and are on rotation so they’re not stuck patrolling for weeks on end. The top gym leaders and current/former region champions are all viable as Type Masters and multiple of the same type are allowed. This means that if you’re a server owner and you don’t like the Type Master’s Pokemon list, you can change it (and the trainer’s appearance/name!) to your ideal without conflicting with the lore.

Because there is no Victory Road, the Caelitus League instead requires you to acquire all 17 different badges from the Type Masters, meaning you have to prove you can defeat all combat types effectively. This was done instead of a victory road that, many in the traditional regions have always argued, “you can just walk/fly around and no one will know.”

The Elite Four can be challenged upon acquisition of the 17 badges. They may be challenged in any order and you can lose between matches and not lose progress. The reason you’re allowed to lose between fights is because these trainers are only picked from proven Champions who have mastered multiple types and pushed them beyond their limits; Expect these trainers to have Pokemon with moves they shouldn’t know. They’re regional champions for a reason, and since there’s only four slots, they are also on rotation like the Type Masters. The difficulty of the league is proven in that none of the regional champions have been able to clear the gauntlet as well (on their break months of course).

The champion itself is currently an available slot since the Caelitus League has only recently opened. This means the first person who defeats four different Elite Four members (remember, they change on rotation so you may pick these too or change them up) gains the title of Caelitus Champion, essentially a true Pokemon Master.

Additional Screenshots
Coming in later Beta!

Magazine Advertisements
Coming in later Beta!


GhostXavier's Packs Featured on this Map
CreditGhostXavier, Wuufwuuf, Deadkoalas
Progress100% complete

7 Update Logs

Beta 1.3.0 and Setback : by GhostXavier 07/16/2016 2:10:11 pmJul 16th, 2016

The map has more stuff as usual, and is now compatible with Pixelmon 4.2.7 and MrCrayfish Furniture 4.0.1

The resource pack is finally included in the downloads; All those special trainers I have placed will now actually look like trainers and will be very distinguishable from standard Pixelmon NPCs.

After updating to MrCrayfish Furniture 4.0.1, a large setback was created. The newest mod version makes it so there's different wood furniture variations which is nice.

Unfortunately the IDs were shifted and this forced all previous wood furniture I had placed to despawn. The setback is I need to refurnish a lot of buildings to fix this issue. While it won't take too long, it will delay the next update for a bit, especially since I'll be on vacation once more.

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05/29/2018 5:02 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Iperdragonyellow avatar
Hi ghost! I know that I am writing you on a map of 2 years ago but I wanted to ask you if you could update everything to 1.12 since I do not know if a map of 1.8.9 can start in 1.12. My friends and I would like to use it for our pixelmon server, and we're checking if this map can start at 1.12. Probably will not start then you could update the map and the mods to 1.12?
10/14/2016 12:11 pm
Level 62 : High Grandmaster Architect
MinecraftFinest avatar
Ghost, please check messages :)
06/07/2017 2:18 am
Level 49 : Master Architect
GhostXavier avatar
First time logging on in nearly a year, admittedly. I've sent a reply, but you were likely expecting this answer long before.
08/24/2016 12:56 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
hesketh247 avatar
I'm having a problem with the pokeloot, I cannot seem to get anything from it. Can you help?
08/24/2016 2:40 pm
Level 49 : Master Architect
GhostXavier avatar
What versions of the map & mods are you running, and the specific location of the Pokeloot in question?
08/08/2016 12:48 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Nixior95 avatar
I have a problem with the map,
A lot of chunk is not properly loaded in when you want to recreate the map on the server breaks off some buildings and also random chunk of forest.

Please fix this as soon as possible.
08/08/2016 1:36 pm
Level 49 : Master Architect
GhostXavier avatar
First case of this i've been informed of but I will look into it, thanks for notifying me
08/09/2016 12:49 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Nixior95 avatar
can you tell when you add corrected map?
08/09/2016 3:50 pm
Level 49 : Master Architect
GhostXavier avatar
A correct map has always been uploaded and verified by other users. I can't replicate your chunk loading problem upon map updates either so I'm not able to give a proper solution.

From what I can guess, something is corrupting when you try to update the map you have; The map has been in beta and is prone to version updates until everything is finalized. Are you using any other mods other than what is listed in the included documents?
08/06/2016 7:36 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Nixior95 avatar
I want to Use your work on Pokemon Server in Poland, links are http://minecraftpolska.net/ May I? I will specify the original builder. Your work is really awnsome!! :D

Thank you, For your jobs :)
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