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The Caliphate of Iteru

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Kingdoms is a Minecraft role-play server that allows players to create a faction for their kingdom and role-play through various scenarios with other players! This is the faction of Iteru, based off Arabian architecture and the custom Massaran lore that can be found on the Server's website! We are looking for new players to join in our adventure! A link to our recruitment post on the server's website can be found at the bottom of the page, there you can find a link to our discord and additional information!

The Caliphate of Iteru
Of Masselon

The Caliphate of Iteru is one of the prominent cities of the south and is situated upon a tropical cove which offers a great deal of fish and rich farming land. However, the city had much smaller roots and started as a tribe of primarily Massara humans who farmed the fertile lands that lay beside their rivers and harbour, most of their bounty being made up of sweet canes and roots. This was accompanied by an impressive hunting prowess allowing them to track foreign-looking game far into the deserts and warm forests of their homeland, and for those who did not wish to roam far from home there was always the bountiful oceans that lay just beyond the bay and this is still a key source of food now.

Though it is typically unusual for Massara tribes to progress to towns or cities, the bountiful food sources and surprisingly rich deposits of goods in the land and surrounding southern islands, which Iteru has a loose claim over, supported a larger population. This growth and the devastation left by a particularly bad storm lead to the leaders of each clan pulling together under one tribe which was the Iteru tribe, hence creating the city and it’s name.

(The city is known as a caliphate which out of character is “a government under a caliph.” which is the chief Muslim civil and religious rule. However since a muslim religion does not exist within the world of Kingdoms the title was adapted for this city as a link to the Massara humans’ shamans and it also avoids the rank of chieftain being used twice in the ranks of the city).

Summary of Information

Region: Masselon
Races/Subcultures: Any but horndalls
Religion(s): Val'maer
Government System: Monarchy
Leader(s): Calpiha Melantha Rios [​CyyanTea]
Allies: The Rykujin Monastery & Kingdom of Sicilan
Vassles: Raqema
Enemies: None
Nature: Tribal/ Religious/ isolationist (sort of)
  • Trade (via land and sea)
  • Pursuit of knowledge
  • Mostly peaceful (however training in combat is common)
  • Open to all peaceful visitors.
(If you have any questions you can message me on discord! CyyanTea#2652)

CreditCredits go to myself, ScarletRoseWolf and several other faction members for their work!
Progress100% complete

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