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CreeperTech avatar CreeperTech
Level 41 : Master Farmer
This is a project I started a couple of months ago, I was inspired by the colony TV show to make this map, It's currently in beta but ready for some tests too see if it works. I made the texturepack and map almost completely by myself (Some help with the skeleton skin and worldpainter for the map) You can expect another update within a month, I don't have very much time to work on this map.
CreditMy brother, Worldpainter, Notch
Progress30% complete

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11/23/2019 4:16 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Noobie_a avatar
Don't forget to add zombies
10/14/2013 3:20 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Fynne13 avatar
Hello,i just created an Pmc account to say you this map is awesome,
please update th texture pack to an ressozrce pack i play this map alone :'(
but is it's still epic.(Is it okay that i started a farm in the old farm is it ok?)
Big fan Fynne13
10/14/2013 7:36 pm
Level 41 : Master Farmer
CreeperTech avatar
Thanks, I see you're a fan! I may update the TP but Mojang is a real pain in the rear end with their updates, "I finish the pack and a day after there's an update."

PS Yes it is okay, I hope it was not too hard or too easy.
10/15/2013 6:30 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
Fynne13 avatar
It was'nt too hard or too easy.

PS If you have the Mcpatcher for the actual version (1.6 for mcpatcher it's version 4.2.0)
you could transform TPs to RPs
i tested it and it works so i am playing the map on 1.6.4
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