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Ancient Rome, Italy. Brutus, a Swedish man, is sitting in his cell. The pope didn't listen to what he had to say. He never committed a crime. He was accused killing a blacksmith. He was a good man, the blacksmith. Brutus knew him personally. He was an odd guy, but Brutus never held anything against him. He was just there at the incident. Brutus was helping him smelt iron in the furnace, to make iron armor. That armor is going to be given to warriors in the arena. The Colosseum. They summoned undead warriors, and some warriors' strait from Hell. No one ever came back without completely mauled and covered in blood. No one lived. You go there to die. You go there when you commit crimes. Horrible crimes. And that's why Brutus is scared. The blacksmith is the one who made all the armor for the warriors. There's not another blacksmith in 7200 miles. And that's why Brutus is most likely going to the arena. But Brutus knows the truth about the murderer. It was done by a crazy man. Everyone called him the Mad Professor. He chose his targets carefully. And then he poisoned all of their food. And why Brutus was blamed is because he touched him when he was already dead. and he felt his pulse. He wasn't wearing gloves. He used his fingerprints. The pope made them check for prints, and at the time, the new technology was outstanding. And they found Brutus. They jailed him. And most likely he's going into the arena. And while Brutus is angry at the pope, a man walks in. "Brutus. Come forth. You are going to fight in the Colosseum. Brutus heard the horn. He walked. And then shot the king with his bow. He was dead anyway.

I made this story because my friends brutus9999 and MadProfessor07 were the first to test and play on my maps. Big thank you and subscribe to Brutus on PMC! Epic people!
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