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The Crossing ♛ The Atlas Project

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“So...you have arrived upon this world of Atlas? Sadly that means your old world is no more. And this new world you have washed up on, teeters on the brink of war.

You are not the first refugee to be saved from destruction by the Obelisk - and you will not be the last. For fifteen years, we have been the keepers of the Obelisk, the harbingers of lost souls like you. Some have integrated into our people. Others have struck out into the harsh and brutal world of Atlas to build empires of their own. Fewer yet have succeeded.

But an evil force is gaining power in the world, threatening to undo the very fabric of reality itself. Centuries ago, the Arkayo nearly succeeded in summoning their brutal god of chaos into this world. And after all this time, hidden in exile, I fear they are close to summoning him once again.

Grieve quickly for your old world, for there is little time. We have saved you from the brink of destruction, traveler… now it is you who must save us…”

Situated at the central fork of the Ankala River, The Crossing connects the Plains of An'she, the Dunsmoor Hills, and the Iron Foothills. Originally settled by Purelaker hunters that traveled east during the Great Migration, the strategic trading post has established itself as one of the prominent lumber and shipbuilding hubs on Atlas. Territorial disputes between the Dunsmoor and the Vantians have led to violent raids throughout the hills as of late.

Design by Dnw7.
Screenshots by Dnw7, Tyrriel, and Terryn.

Full album is here.
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