The Devils Lair! - Evil Fortress


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Level 9 : Apprentice Architect
La Guarida De Los Demonios

-The Devils Lair-

Deep into the layers of hell, lies the Devils Lair, where the Devil himself sits on his high throne, torturing all that set foot into his kingdom. The stairs leading to the lair may seem petty, and small but the trip towards the fortress can be seen as one of the most longest journeys in life, and once your inside it's no better.

The Devils Lair was crafted by the slaves of hell in two days, being urged on by Satan with the threat of further punishment. Each brick was crafted with blood, and tears, much to the satisfaction of the Devil.

Although the fortress has sat proudly in hell for 1 million years, Satan has became increasingly disappointed with it, so more may be yet to come...

(No download, as it is in a multiplayer server! (; Come check it out at play.withercraft.com. Go through the "Epic plots" portal, and it should be right in front of you!

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