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The Elder Scrolls: Cyrodiil / Imperial City / Kaiserstadt

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INFO: This is a reupload, because you can visit this map now on server ip "quadracraft.de". Join the Lobby and go to Server "Imperial-City". (Either with /server imperial-city or by going through the equivalent portal)
My original upload was here , but my old pmc Account seems to be buggy. Can't login anymore.

Dont wanna join?
You can see it on dynmap here.

This is a rebuild of the Imperial City from The Elder Scrolls.

It's diameter is about 300 Blocks and the map contains a few more Cities, Villages and Buildings you can visit and discover.
This map was original created by me and some friends as a Server Map for an RPG Minecraft-Server.
We spent thousands of hours for building it, it is highly detailed and every Single Building is fully done up.

There are no empty Buildings.

Sadly back then the server concept was not very famous, so the server went down after several month. It was in the primetime of the big minigame servers.

Because of the fact that this City was Build as a Server Map, we decided NOT to build every single Building like it is in the Original Imperial City
and build most of them on our own ideas.
For Example we have a Market for Players in it, a giant sewerage build as a maze or a MobArena inside the City.
The Map is full of Secrets to discover, eastereggs and many surprises.

The City itself is not 100% finished, there are a few convertion issues on some signs due to map-version upgrades. We are currently working on it again and completing it step by step, whenever there is time. We plan to integrate it in our new public Server at some time as a Dungeon map or something like that.

The whole map includes 4 Big Cities, about 5 smaller Cities and many big Single Buildings. All of them are connected by Streets, decorated with
ruins, Secrets and much more.

There will be no download link for this to download, because we actually dont want anyone to use this for
their own Server. This City is Unique in Minecraft in that way and detail and it took us a long time to make it.

However you are now able to visit and explore it on our new (German) Server.

Wanna know more about it? Look here in our Server Wiki. (German text)
Progress95% complete

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Update #1 : 06/15/2021 5:45:27 amJun 15th

Added Description how to visit the map on server

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