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Hey There, This is The Fuhrerbunker. It was an Air Raid Shelter located underneath the Gardens of the Reich Chancellery in Berlin, Germany. It was the last of the so called "Führerhauptquartiere" constructed and used by Adolf Hitler during World War II. Thus, It became the center of the Nazi Regime until the last week of the War.

This map will soon be available to download for Java and Bedrock Editions after Construction.

Note: This is Built for Educational Purposes.
The Führerbunker Minecraft Map
Please, If you have any Suggestions or Questions. Don't Hesitate to write a Comment down below. Thank you ...
Progress15% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : 06/11/2021 9:18:23 pmJun 11th

1. The Bedrock Version and The Gardens will be Delayed.
2. The Upper Bunker "Vorbunker" will start construction on July
3. New In Progress:
*Communications Room
*Security Quarters

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