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The Fall of Rendoria, Zombie Apocalypse, RP/PVP/PVE Server (WIP)

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Level 13 : Journeyman Miner
A terrible plague has beset the world, transforming the afflicted into ravenous undead, as the world falls into chaos and barbarism you must fight the elements the dead and each other to survive.

You Begin your story after fleeing from an encampment run by the reminants of the Rendorian military, initially established to protect survivors and re-establish control over the former nation, the camps however have since fallen into near totalitarian rule where abuse disease and starvation are rife.

You must act quickly gather supplies and find shelter the undead are everywhere and should you be bitten you will turn in mear seconds.
The former military groups will hunt you!
Other survivors will kill you for your supplies!
The dead will devour you!
How will you survive?

Locations (so far WIP)
-Rendoria power (power plant)
-Rendon city (capital)
-Black Field (Town)
-Pineburry (Town)
-Brenton (Town)
-Settle by Sea (Town)
-Saint Andrias (Town)
-Kennets Peak (Town)
-Black Port (Town + Shipping Port)
-The Ministry of Defence and Intelligence (Military base)
-Sunny pine holiday Park
-Learge abandoned mineshaft network

-White point Correctional institute (Prison)

To be added
-Tenner's (Town)
-Brines Side (Town)
-Cutter & Son quary
-Former millitary encampments x3
-Survivor encampments (Player communities) x6
-Abandoned/over run encampments x 4
-Farms/factories/Gas stations/Other Stand alone structures
-Oil Rig

Foot Notes - Summary of intentions
-I am hoping to add many PVE related features to this project e.g. Temperature, thirst, illness, sanity.
-in an attempt to emulate "realism" you will die should you be hit by a zombie reguardless of health or armour, with death occurring around 10 seconds after being "bitten" however there will be methods in place to escape this fate for example taking medication.
- Ideally I would hope that gameplay will promote the formation of player communities throughout the map as Opposed to mindless PvP, however PVP will be fully enabled!
-I'm working on this project alone thus progress is somewhat slow so any volunteers would be hugely appreciated.

Thanks for reading this far, if you wish to valenteer any help to the project or even wish to simply suggest an idear pls feel free to message me.
Thanks for reading, Ochambers (DEV)
Up dates to follow

Progress45% complete

2 Update Logs

Update #2 : by THE-FALL-OF-RENDORIA 08/17/2020 10:25:57 amAug 17th, 2020

Had quite abit of free time given the current circumstances, so I've been able to make quite abit of progress on the project.
Finished the transport network, roads , highway and rail line.
Shipping port
Improvements to rendon city and other settlements.

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01/21/2020 12:13 pm
Level 56 : Grandmaster Modder
ThePikaChuP avatar
Hi there. So I see you are looking for redstoners. I am a little confused is this a server you are working on? If so I wouldn't mind volunteering my services to you. You can check out my planet minecraft page HERE and my curseforge page HERE
Planet Minecraft


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