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The Fall of the Phorus

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An Adventure map that is almost a game unto itself! 1000's of Custom NPCs. 1000's of Weapons. 2000+ Armors. Uncountable amount of custom mobs!

        The Fall of the Phorus


1000 years ago was an age of war. A war between the free people of Phelania and the fearsome Phorus.
It is unsure of where The Phorus came from but since their arrival they only want one thing: Destruction!
The people of Phelania, however, did not simply roll over and allow the end of their beautiful homeland.
They fought and fought and fought!
But the Phelanians were no match for The Phorus as they swept across the lands.
They burnt everything to the ground! Churches, Homes, Schools, entire cities!

Until one day, there was only one building left. Castle Cornelia.
They were able to fend off The Phorus attacks at the Cornelia Gates.
Until The Phorus leader finally showed himself. They called him Phear.

Phear towered over the rest of his army as he walked straight to the Cornelia Gates.
In one swift punch, Phear blew a whole in the massive wall!
The Phorus poured into the Castle grounds like waves of death!

Just as they were about to break through the Castle Cornelia doors, Phelania's hero appeared, Ghoulander Phelania.
Looked upon by the people as a hero and a god, Ghoulander was their last hope!
Ghoulander quickly dispatched the hordes of Phorus from the Castle grounds with ease.
And after the dust settled, the Phelanians thought they had won!
Until Phear appeared in the Cornelia Castle Courtyard, staring down Ghoulander Phelania.
After a long tense staredown, they advanced!
They fought! Toe to toe! Trading blows for what seemed like hours!

Just when it appeared Phelania's hero had the upper hand, Phear showed his mighty power..
After being knocked down to a knee, Phear plunged his hand deep into the ground, chanted an evil chant, and made the entire planet shake!
Ghoulander knew he had but one choice left to save Phelania!
He charged toward Phear, and thrust his sword, Heavensoul, into the air, and recited the words of the Heavens!
And in a sudden magnificent explosion of bright light, they were gone! The Phorus, Phear and even Ghoulander!
Ghoulander saved Phelania, but he paid a hefty price for it.
To this day, no one knows if Ghoulander is alive or dead. Or if the Phorus were completely exterminated that day.

The Phelanians that survived, vowed to not let Ghoulander's sacrifce be in vain.
They immediately started rebuilding and built the town of Durandal. The first town in New Phelania.
Peace ruled the lands for a thousand years and Castle Cornelia slowly became a relic of history passed.
History became legend and legend became myth. But history has a way of repeating itself...

Whispers are heard in the shadows. The evil has returned.....
(End of backstory.)

(Main Gameplay)
So that's the story behind the world of Phelania.
You have to venture into the city of Durandal (and the surrounding area) to find the lost Spinboxes.
Spinboxes are boxes that you spend tokens at to get a random item.
To get the tokens, you have to find the appropriate trader who will trade you a token for other items found thoughout Phelania.
Usually these items are drops from mobs. Other times they are dropped from locked chests and a few other means.
So it looks like this. Kill Mob → Mob Item →Trader trades Mob item for Token → Use Token at a Spinbox → Get Random Spinbox Gear --> Turn in gear with Fallen warriors.
The Spinboxes have levels. So Level 1 Spinboxes drop Level 1 gear and Level 2 spinboxes drop Level 2 gear...etc...
And Level 2 Spinboxes cannot be accessed until all Level 1 Gear Quests have been completed.

Once you start collecting a few pieces of gear you can visit Castle Cornelia.
The gates of Castle Cornelia have been overrun by Zombie Phorus who are not to be trifiled with.
Near the gates are outposts with gravestones nearby. The gravestones are where ancient warriors(known as The Fallen to Phelanians) are buried.
Each gravestone has a specific warriors name on it along with his gear.
Bring back his gear as a sacrifice and it will resurrect The Fallen warrior!
Resurrect ALL of The Fallen from Level 1 to Level 4 and they will clear a path for you to enter the castle!

Once inside Castle Cornelia the Level 5 Spinboxes will be available. (The final level is level 5)

On Level 5 the requirements are much harder and some of those items will come from the Phar (Phorus homeland(It's a converted Nether))
Level 5 gear will have to be sacrificed in the Phar to open the portal to the final area. Which will remain a mystery until you discover it for yourself! ;)

My progress so far is about 20-30% done? I have over 500 spinboxes to place! I am around at around 90.
Each Spinbox contains AT LEAST 6 items each (4 armors 2 weapons. Some have 3 weapons)
Which brings my total Armors to around 2000!
My total weapons is around 950!
Each Spinbox placed also requires a trader and a mob to be setup. So it is quite time consuming.

(The Map/World)
This map is not mine! It is Oshode City! It is a FANTASTIC creation made by TheTekkitRealm.

I first checked out this map ages ago and thought I could just put some NPCS in it for fun then it ballooned into this monster of a game. Lol

Although TheTekkitRealm made this awesome map, I have added SIGNIFIGANT changes to it.
Many of the buildings were completely vacant, unfurnished buildings. So I had to do that. (Oh the hours I put into THAT!)
I have added all kinds of road signs, building signs, fixed empty floors, bad doors(bottom halves only), LIGHTING!(Hours on LIGHTING!), millions of places to get stuck, etc..etc...etc....

(I may try to recruit some people to help later but I'm kinda particular about how I want it to work but I also REALLY need help on refurbishing buildings and creating generic NPCs. I will revisit this option later. Lol)

(Mods I used on this map)
**Everything is limited to version 12.2.2 due to CustomNPCS highest version is 12.2.2. Sorry!
RPG HUD – A must for any adventure map! No one wants 200 hearts on their screen do they? Well RPG HUD makes it a solid bar with 200/200 on it.
Backpacks+ - You are going to have..SOOOO MANY ITEMS! Yea. Backpacks.
BiomesOPlenty – Everyone knows what this is. Not so much using it for its biomes but for its blocks in BlockArmor mod.
BlockArmor – This mod turns any blocks in your game into Armor sets. Including any blocks in your mods!
Bloxium – My own mod. It is a collection of 300+ blocks made from textures from minecraft.novaskin.me. Using it strictly for the BlockArmor mod. ;)
ColorUtility – For signs and other colored text stuff.
CustomNPCS – The mod that makes this all possible. Everyone knows this mod. (Many thanks to Noppes for this amazing mod!)
HerioicArmory – A badass collection of famous weapons found in other video games!
JourneyMap – Without waypoints this project would be a damn nightmare!
Mapmakers Gadets – A collection of tools used to make the items in the game.
Optifine – For obvious reasons...
QI – Another one of my own mods. A collection of over 1000 quest items made from skins from minecraft.novaskin.me
Varied Commodities – For it's weapons and other items.
WeaponVault – My own Weapons Mod. 500 Various weapons made from minecraft.novaskin.me skins! (Thanks community made skins!)

(Future additions planned)
Hireable pets! (Probably just for asthetic purposes.)
“Rentable” houses? (Yeaaaaahhhh...we'll see about that one..)
Scripting. (I really am not very good at the choreography or the writing of the scripts but I do plan on trying my hand at it for some parts. Like Intro and the Ending at least!)
World Events
Titles? (Gained through Achievements most likely.)

Just an FYI. This map was made with two players in mind but should still be doable solo. I tried to make the fighting vary from easy to difficult even with two players so solo players should have a few tough fights here and there but doable.

I will post some pictures of my very very early progress but keep in mind, this is VERY early game pictures. Changes will be made, I'm sure of it.

Thanks again go to all the above mod makers, Mcreator.com where I made my mods, TheTekkitRealm.com for the awesome map, and minecraft.novaskin.me for the skins for my mods and the NPCs all over my world!

Feel free to leave comments/questions here and ill try to clarify some of the above chaos.
Progress30% complete

3 Update Logs

Update #3 : 06/30/2020 11:28:03 amJun 30th

Yet another refurb update.
--Worked on alot of residential areas.
--Refurbed a few high rise apartments
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