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The Fall of the Tinman Metropolis - PMC's "The Barbarians Are Coming!" Contest - 9th Place

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F4llenW4rlord avatar F4llenW4rlord
Level 31 : Artisan Pixel Painter
Upon the news of danger, Steve traveled with a quick pace to his friend's home city: The Tinman Metropolis.
This city consists of old skyscrapers piled on top of each other, like a pile of toys. As Steve looked onto the city, he saw an absolutely beautiful city. The buildings looked more vibrant than ever. He had to sneak through the security of the walls of the city, passing the poorly constructed missiles and the lasers installed, he got to see the horror that was the city centre.

The floor had been worn down by the repeated steps of many people. A sign was up on the wall with the title:
"Death to Mr Fump!"

The city centre, which originally hosted beautiful markets, was filled with the homeless in tents and stretchers. Along the side of one of the walls lay a long rope, reaching up into the sky. This led to his friend's house. Steve climbed up the rope quietly, and got onto the balcony. There, at the door into the apartment, was his friend standing there. He welcomed Steve and let him into his apartment.

"Great to see you again!." said Steve. "Don't mind me asking, but the city centre is in shambles! Do you really need me to stop the barbarians at all?" he chuckled at his last joke.

"Don't worry." said his friend. "Our city is all fine! After a successful election, we have elected a new leader: Mr Fump! He has promised to increase our safety upon the news of the barbarians arriving!"

"What has he done?" asked Steve. "It doesn't look like he's done a good job."

"Firstly," his friend started to say. "He removed all the immigrants from those lands from our city, and has banned them completely! He then created a set of missiles out front to wipe out these monsters!"

"But, don't you see the city square in the middle? It looks horrible!" said Steve.

"That's just the homeless." said his friend. "Mr Fump cut taxes a heap when he first went into office. The cuts mostly went into welfare programs. But hey, someone needs to teach these poor bums. Lower taxes help everyone!"

"I'm sorry, man." said Steve. "But what really attracted you to this man? He has destroyed this city inside and out!"

"No, he hasn't." said his friend, angrily. "He promised to us, and he delivered!"

"Promised what?" asked Steve.

"He promised he would make the Tinman Metropolis great again!"

Morals of the story
The poorly-constructed story and this better-constructed build is a metaphor for populist politics: When people treat politics like a fashion trend. They wear whatever is cool to ensure they are not discriminated against:

On the outside, the idea is great! I mean, everyone thinks it's great, so it must be for a reason, right? But on the inside, it could be destructive! The idea given is simply impractical, and un-effective. But to those who are even shown the truth, one can and will remains ignorant to the flaws of the system in place!

For this metaphor, I focused on some of the policies of Donald Trump (Get it: Fump=Trump... never mind):
  • Immigration & jobs: His plan to deport 12 million illegal immigrants will create a huge vacancy in jobs. One that can be filled with the current unemployment rate of 5.5% Americans (5.5% of 319 million comes up to 17 million. This is according to 2014 statistics). That, plus his plan to tax corporations who employ overseas will get more American companies to bring jobs back to America. This could potentially leave a huge void in jobs and work productivity, as well as an expensive wall that won't get paid for will cost the economy lots of money.
  • Taxes: He firstly intends to decrease taxes for everyone. This seems great right? Not when these cuts will cost 12 trillion dollars. These cuts are mostly likely, due to Trump's position, will go to Welfare and Social Security. This will decrease the amount of lower to no-income families from purchasing goods, decreasing sales. (An economy is only as strong as it's middle class!)
  • Military: Trump brings a strong stance in Military. But can he afford to pay it after various tax cuts?

The long story short is: Trump will destroy America inside out. But why is he doing so well in elections? Because he is giving the people what they want. They feel ripped off. They want their jobs and country back, and they are angry over it. Trump is tapping into that anger. The ideas of Trump are popular, but they will not guarantee success. But unfortunately, men and women will remain ignorant to it.

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07/06/2016 9:37 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Crafter
-___- avatar
Wow. Way to keep politics off of PMC/s.

07/06/2016 5:55 pm
Level 31 : Artisan Pixel Painter
F4llenW4rlord avatar
I know, I have done a horrible job of keeping politics off PMC. :P

I'm also in the #NeverHillary gang like you. I for one was shocked that she is not going to be indicted for the use of her private email server, due to "negligence". I was originally a Sanders guy, but recently I have developed quite a like for Jill Stein, now.
06/03/2016 12:28 pm
Level 53 : Grandmaster Steve
eric pham
eric pham avatar
"We'll Build a wall and make the barbarians pay for it" - Mr Fump
05/31/2016 3:44 pm
Level 31 : Artisan Pixel Painter
F4llenW4rlord avatar
Thank you all for your love and support with this build. I'm quite happy I'll get into the finalists. At this stage, it looks very promising.
05/31/2016 3:28 pm
Level 48 : Master Pixel Puncher
fov360 avatar
Fump defendig castle America - nice picture. Really nice projcet..
05/31/2016 4:32 am
Level 43 : Master Droid
HONNICON2 avatar
Seriously though, you know that jobs vacuum is a really good thing?

Also, the 11 million he plans on deporting are working without paying taxes, which gives them an unfair advantage over their legal competition. If they were deported, you would see a quick boost in American wealth and productivity.

The wall Trump wants to build will be payed for by Mexico, so it won't cost anything, and lead to massive economic growth due to all of the constructionwork.

Mr.Trump will likely be a very hard leader, and he will likely close some international trade deals that yield america a great edge in the world economy again.

Trump supports some taxcuts. To say it would cost the US 12 trillion is absolute madness. probably, it would be beneficial, as he will cut the taxes for companies, giving the average American more money. The state has additional incomesources, and the US taxpercent has never been this high before.

Currently, americans pay about as much tax as we do in Norway. The differance in Norwegians are given free school, free university, free hospitals, free transportation, depending on where you live. Americans pay this much tax because their last 3 governments knew jackshit about economy, and has given the US a forreign depth of 20 trillion dollars. The interestrates on this ever-increasing loan, is what is driving america down the drain.

The Donald will fix this, and his current policies actually supports this. Trump has proven again and again that he has a tremendous understanding of macro-economics.

Besides, he's always a better alternative than the corrupt and psychopathic witch they call Hillary. If she's not in jail by november, she's going to loose anyways.


05/31/2016 5:44 am
Level 31 : Artisan Pixel Painter
F4llenW4rlord avatar
Great to hear a different perspective on this matter, as someone surrounded by regressive liberals, who can only think of "he's a bigot, racist, xenophobe". So, I alone has had to look into Trump's stuff.
Of course, I am no economist, so what I have said is an amateur opinion.

As Trump is a businessman, I do not doubt his ability in trade agreements and deals. So, corporations will benefit more.

Tax cuts benefit the average American of course, but they will help the wealthier more, as they pay more tax. This may lead to further income inequality, depending on Trump's actions towards tax loopholes.
12 trillion was an estimate I have heard from a few economists (one name I recall is Robert Reich at the moment).

My hugest flaw with Trump's plan is around the wall: how will Mexico pay it instead of America? Unless there is major military or diplomatic actions, Mexico doesn't seem to have a reason to pay for it. If Trump pulls it off, kudos to him!

But overall, I am happy to hear a different opinion. If I was to study into this further, are there any sites or sources you would recommend me to?
05/31/2016 9:04 am
Level 43 : Master Droid
HONNICON2 avatar
Well, basicly, Trump is 110% america first. He has personally said he would like it if the rich payed more taxes, himself included.

The USA GDP is 18 trillion. For 12 trillion to be a possible number, Trump would have to lower the taxes with 66%, an impossibly low number.
I googled Robert reich, and fine he is a clinton supporter, who actually worked in the Bill Clinton administration. He claims Trump is a fascist nationalist, just because he has said inflammatory things, and puts america first. I don't see that as a problem. Shouldn't all governments work for their own people, and only their own people? Isn't that the whole point of a national government?

BTW, you're right in saying he will have a hard time getting Mexico to build the wall, however Trump is a classical leader, and will likely be much tougher compared to previous presidents. Alternatively, he han put economic sanctions on Mexico, a country that exports nearly 90% of its exports to the US, AND imports even more from the US! Should be a pretty simple operation.
06/14/2016 8:58 am
Level 74 : Legendary uwu
TheOfficialNano avatar
You do realise everyone in the congress hates trump which means he cant do anything if hes elected president
06/01/2016 7:25 am
Level 29 : Expert Goblin
MaxeyOfficial avatar
The problem i have when people say that Trump puts america first, is the hatred he seems to be stirring up towards muslims. As many muslims are American citizens, he should be trying to improve their lifestyle, and not raise questions about them being terrorists etc. when it is unrealistic to think that many are.

As to the deportation of 11 million immigrants, there aren't enough people to fill in for those peoples jobs, and I have also heard that it would cost 600 billion dollars to do so.

The only business field that trump seems to have much luck with is property, seeing as how his vokda brand is gone, steak brand is gone, casino is gone, and board game was a flop. He just doesn't seem like a good option in my opinion.

Now, I have done a fiar bit of research into this, but I'm still no expert whatsoever, so excuse me if I am incorrect in some of my facts and assumptions.
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