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The Foundation (A Mega-Prison, Asylum, and SCP-Facility)

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Hey Everyone! I am going to post the map very soon so make sure to like this post to support this page. God knows I cannot be repaid for the time I spent on this map.
Despite what my account may say, I have been an active Planet Minecraft User for years. Since then, I have attempted to make several different maps, none of which I found particularly good. This one is no different lmao.

I have worked on this map for the past few years (my best guess being since 2017/2018). I had originally created an office map like this but (after my anti-virus found loads of malware on my device) I reset my computer without backing up the map. This is the result of me trying to recreate the map. Most of the map (except for the new parts) were made by hand and punching every single block. The secondary facility by itself was a remake as the original facility wasn't up to standard. The reason I say this is because I do not want to have any duplicate copies posted on this forum: please respect the time and effort I put into this map.

For a full overview of the map (including many different hidden areas, please watch the full YouTube video linked!

  • The first layer of the map is a standard prison, complete with a main transport lobby, a front desk complete with an office and a safe room, three cell blocks, a cafeteria, two medical bays, two wash rooms, a break room, a wardens office, a recreation lobby, an outdoor recreation area, a transport tunnel, and the entrance to a small asylum wing.
  • The asylum wing contains a front desk complete with an office, multiple medical doctor offices, another break room complete with lockers and an overview of the cells, one asylum cell block, and a transport tunnel located outside of the asylum lobby.
  • At the end of the prison, however, there is the main transport hall, allowing prisoners to move from one end of the facility to the other or to the asylum. There are two entrances to an alternative facility (where I attempted to mimic the SCP Foundation) located underground in this area.
  • The Facility underground contains five main wings: The entrance zone (containing personnel dormitories, a security office, a maintenance office, a computer room, and the entrance into the other wings) , the HR hall (containing a cafeteria, two offices, a medical bay, a backup generator, a conference hall, the main overseer dorm, and Room-544E), the Research Lobby (containing the entrance into the blast shelter, the nuke holding facility, an armory, the library, lockers, and two computer offices), the Object lobby (containing Three Safe Objects, One Euclid Object, and One Keter Object (which in itself contains an office, observation deck, an armory, and entrance into the old facility transport system), and the testing chamber (containing a lobby, two operational elevators, an observation deck, and a main testing area).

My main issue with the map would have to be the time that I took to make it and the planning that was made before-hand. While the VAST majority of the map is powered by a singular power source and there are various different lockdown buttons that do various different things, I HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND USING IT AS THE PROCESS TO UNDO IT CAN BE VERY DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND. My redstone skills have improved exponentially through the building of this map (as shown by the redstone progression) and some of the older stuff is very particular in its operation. Also, if you deactivate the power, the maps size will make even the best computer lag as all the lights will turn off and various different objects move throughout the map.

-Explanations to everything (including how to undo lockdowns) can be found within the map in a book -

Tl;Dr: The map is huge and it is recommended to be used for roleplaying purposes as some areas may not be accessible without another person. Avoid using anything that may affect the power within the facility (because it is hard to undo and the lag from the on/off switch will make you question of your existence).

Enjoy playing my map and make sure to check this page for future updates as I add more to the map.

(NOTE: If you are a developer that wishes to fix the lockdowns to make them more manageable, please DM me. While the task is not impossible (in fact I started it myself), it will take a lot of time to reroute the redstone into a singular area while still keeping the functions intact)
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