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The Four Kingdoms

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For countless years, the four kingdoms have been caught fighting their own battles. The Nether kingdom conquered countless smaller civilizations with their strong netherforged weapons. Their next target, the Floral Kingdom serves as the world economic center, holding all four kingdom’s riches within its banks. The Desert Kingdom has slowly made their religion dominant in the region and a serious cultural influence to other kingdoms. In the north, the Ice Kingdom has defended its borders against all kinds of hungry beasts and continues to thrive. All four kingdoms followed their own agenda, with little unity between them. Until now.

From the mysterious realm of The End, an army of endermen emerges and aims to destroy all four kingdoms block by block. Under the threat of this new evil, the four kingdoms must put aside their differences and work together to defend themselves.

Ice Kingdom

Founded by an ancient tribe of hunters, the Ice Kingdom maintains a reputation as the known world’s top exporter of leatherwork and hunting gear. Due to the harsh surrounding conditions of the frozen tundra, the people of this kingdom were forced to build thick walls from the roughest trees and produce the highest quality leather gear.

The kingdom is run by 6 families, where the oldest member of each family has the voting power in the kingdom’s decisions. Once per year, a temporary “king” is elected by the 6 families to carry out a formal role as a leader. Historically, the Ice Kingdom has always been more focused on defending its small borders rather than expanding. It is no wonder they were the last to join the fight against The End.

Desert Kingdom

Rumored to harness their power directly from the Sun itself, the Desert Kingdom’s culture and identity are closely related to the magical and spiritual. Several temples are placed within the kingdom’s inner walls and the central pyramid doubles as both a place of worship and a home for the Pharaoh, the descendant of a long line of rulers said to be appointed by higher powers. Their deeply religious culture makes them hesitant to communicate with other kingdoms, but they hold no lasting grudges.

Because of the great power magic holds, only the pyramid scholars are given access to magical abilities. These scholars are chosen by the Pharaoh himself based on their lineage and their academic performance in the kingdom’s common schools. Other than the magical warriors, the kingdom is mostly home to farmers, fishermen, and merchants. The kingdom’s involvement in the alliance war only began when The End threatened their way of life.

Floral Kingdom

Of the four kingdoms, the Floral Kingdom is considered to be the most well-known and open to visitors. Sometimes referred to as the “Merchant Kingdom”, their primary focus as a civilization is economic progress. Most prominent citizens of other kingdoms have gold stored in the Floral Kingdom’s banks and a lot of trades between kingdoms have Floral Kingdom merchants as middlemen.

By law, the kingdom is ruled by the heir of the richest family. Their current ruler is the oldest daughter of a long line of silk merchants. Although they are unable to take part directly in the war, they are an important economic support to the production of weapons and their location helps keep them safe from enemy attacks.

Nether Kingdom

A mere mention of the Nether Kingdom is enough to make citizens of other kingdoms shiver in fear. After being forced to survive in the flaming wastelands of the Nether for centuries, the people of the Nether Kingdom were forced to adopt a militaristic way of life. They use the Nether’s minerals to forge strong weapons and conquer smaller civilizations.

To decide their leader, the Nether Kingdom regularly host battle tournaments where the victor takes the crown. They have conquered most settlements and were plotting against the Floral Kingdom before the soldiers of The End appeared and became a threat to their goal of total domination. Now, they have become allies with their former enemies in order to fight against The End.

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