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The Glowing SafeBase. - Nether Empire Contest Entry

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avatar Lyron
Level 37 : Artisan Fox

long ago, there was a race of beings that had wings, they cared for the human race, and when monsters spawned for the first time, the winged beings predicted a horrible end for the humans,so they took them away to a distant planet, called the Nether. Once on the Nether, the winged beings built a safe place for the humans to live at in peace, the temple was constructed out of beautiful rocks that the beings blessed with powers to protect the human race from the dark enemies that lived there at the Nether. To further protect the humans, the angelic beings created Golems of iron withimmense strength. the humans survived for thousands of years, eventually they died, and now, the great temple is abandoned, only the Golems still inhabit the cave, but even they are becoming weak.

after crashing on the nether, Steve saw a beacon light coming from a mountain, he went towards it and saw a path with magical torches on it, he followed the path and came across a cave entrance, the beacon was coming from the top of the mountain with the cave, so Steve went inside the mountain and saw a Glowing Temple! he went towards it and saw that there was a chest, he opened it and saw a book titled "the Book of the Angel's Legend". also in the temple is a portal "if i go in this portal, i may just find the winged beings from the cave!" Steve thought. . .

You decide what he does next!
Progress100% complete

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Update #1 : 09/06/2013 3:06:52 pmSep 6th, 2013

Fixed Beacon

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