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The Great Turtle Bay Makeover! (World Map with download) Phase 1

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DiggerMcGee avatar DiggerMcGee
Level 45 : Master Engineer
Digger's HomeWorld (MC 1.13.2 ) is getting a complete makeover!

The biome diversity of this map is great! Within easy reach of spawn is a jungle, swamp, desert, mesa, and a Giant Mooshroom island to the north. Across the sea there are ice plains and more…

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The Great Turtle Bay Makeover! (World Map with download) Phase 1 Minecraft Map
In preparation for the transition to Minecraft 1.14, the entire capital city of Centerville is combining with the Turtle Bay Waterfront area to become one community. Turtle Bay will be the center of commerce and activity for the expanding world.

At the shoreline, the Port District is the Shipping interface to the rest of the world beyond the sea. It is connected to the Warehouse District on the other end of town via an underground freight system.
Right next to the Port district is the Beach , you guessed it, Turtle Beach!

Extra brownie points if you can correctly identify the real beach it is named after!.

The crown jewel of Turtle Beach is the Grand Hotel. This part of the effort may not be complete until the move to 1.14 to take advantage of the new block variants. Another of our featured builds is the Capitol/Parliament. "Folks gotta have a place to argue, make rules, and stuff," as Digger says. Then at the crown of the hill is the Turtle Bay Church, a really fun build.
Turtle Bay

some of the work already completed...
  • Complete rebuild of the Warehouse District; Removed or relocated existing buildings other regions;
  • Harvest all trees between waterfront and warehouse for use in construction;
  • Moved brick Church to hill near the waterfront area;
  • Completed Church Exterior;
  • New schoolhouse/public building;
  • New Main Train Station and Main Rail intersection;
  • Retired and removed old train station;
  • Revised existing Turtle Bay Rail Exit/Intersection;
  • New smaller minecart station to service south part of town.
  • New Capitol/Parliament Building in the town center.

To Do:
New construction of Shops, apartments, government, and other buildings as needed, including:
  • Continue dredging lake behind the Royal Inn (contemplating names for lake),
  • Design and construct
    Courthouse and a new bank to compliment Capitol Building
  • Design and construct town houses/row houses in the Royal Village style,
  • Design and construct Digger's Palace on the cliff on south side of Turtle Bay,
  • Install and configure Item Retrieval System under Warehouse Storage and Sorting System,
  • Rebuild Printing office across from Royal Inn (almost completed exterior),
  • Improved spawn area and new user support.
  • Add public beach decorations and facilities.
To be completed in 1.14:
  • Renovate the Port District wharf and cargo area,
  • Expand and complete the Grand Hotel,
  • Underwater habitat & research center.

This map was created with Survival Multi-player mode in mind. It was meant to be run on a mostly vanilla server but should work fine on single player machines. Most of the work is hand built, some are even completely crafted in-game from harvested or crafted materials. However, we do use Worldedit to assist in some builds. Some buildings are built on our creative server and them imported in as schematics.

We want to create an eminently playable starting point for larger Minecraft adventures. We aim to provide a working public infrastructure so individual players don't have to spend time developing things like transportation, economy, etc/ and can get on with adventuring or building as they desire...

This is just a start, there is much to do to bring this town to life. Come and visit or join us. We could use folks to develop the Mooshroom, Mesa, and other areas or just come and stake a claim and build. In the meantime, check on our progress here.

This is it! we are closing Phase 1 of the Turtle Bay Makeover Project. Since we have reached the 50% complete level, the map is now posted! we cut back to include only the area including the town. Alas, the file is still 23MB ...

Don't forget to check out our other projects in the Turtle Bay series...

Turtle Bay Series
More of Digger's Turtle Bay creations! Builds designed for use in our Turtle Bay World download but suitable for use in anywhere in your world, too...
  1. The Great Turtle Bay Makeover!
  2. Turtle Bay Church on the Hill
  3. Turtle Bay Capitol/Parliament Building
  4. Turtle Bay Courthouse
  5. Turtle Bay Train Station
  6. Turtle Bay Schoolhouse
  7. Grand Hotel at Turtle Bay
  8. Turtle Bay South Town Station

Stay tuned we have more builds planned for this this series...
CreditCredits to contributors is specified in individual projects and in-game
Progress100% complete

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Update #21 : by DiggerMcGee 01/01/2020 11:17:04 amJan 1st, 2020

Updated images and description....

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07/10/2019 4:49 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Jil1213 avatar
Keep on the good work :D
07/05/2019 5:40 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
TomatoArchades avatar
amazing progress, keep up the awesome work
06/20/2019 5:48 pm
Level 57 : Grandmaster Robot
Nitrox Nova
Nitrox Nova avatar
wow, this city looks so good! I love all the variation, you are very proficient
06/05/2019 8:58 am
Level 1 : New Miner
SrPolYT avatar
All extraneous buildings have been removed and we are busy restoring land features and making room for new buildings and landscaping. Also, we are re-zoning the town. All industry that requires connection to the Warehouse will be restricted to the area east of the spawn plateau/platform. Spawn will be adjusted to line up with the central avenue that eminates from the central hall of the Warehouse (renamed Warehouse 13).

Next big effort is to harvest all the trees we planted between the Grand Hotel and the Warehouse. We will need them for construction of the new town. After that comes the painful planning stage (I'm open to new ideas if you have any to offer!).
05/28/2019 3:59 pm
Level 77 : Legendary Pegasus
DreamWanderer avatar
Looking Great so far! Does this happen to be on a server? I would love to see it
05/28/2019 5:14 pm
Level 45 : Master Engineer
DiggerMcGee avatar
Yes, play.diggermc.com. Let me know if you can connect...
05/28/2019 5:33 pm
Level 77 : Legendary Pegasus
DreamWanderer avatar
tried to connect, but get timed out =/
05/28/2019 6:16 pmhistory
Level 45 : Master Engineer
DiggerMcGee avatar
I think my cable carrier is blocking, darn it! I will post a download after I complete a few things...

Update: issue has been resolved. Links should work now.
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