The Haunted Mansion

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An Update
Hey guys!

I know I've been gone for some time but I am back with a flurry of new maps I will be releasing over the end of this summer as well as much into the winter and the new year ahead. As right now things are still uncertain and many of us remain home I thought I should release some new creations! (I will also be updating older maps)


Starting with The Haunted Mansion

Since Fall is right around the corner this map will be perfect for any Halloween or fall lovers

the map is based upon the cliche spooky mansion but with a more unique and whimsical style to it with many chimney and smokestacks towers jutting out at funny and weird angles, rooms that are not fully complete, and mysterious doorways and entrances. But what would a haunted mansion be, without a pumpkin patch outside with a lonely scarecrow to guard the harvest? A wilted willow sits just beyond the pumpkin patch atop a sunken pond. The house comes with many features to explore some are harder to find than others but none the less good luck! The map is not fully completed as I have some minor details and Redstone to work out as well as the fact that I will be leaving the interior almost empty; I figured since the interior is wacky it would provide a good challenge to whoever may download this map!

I will be releasing the download link very soon towards the end of August.

I look forward to releasing some new content very soon!
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08/18/2020 1:39 am
Level 21 : Expert Architect
Update! The map download is now up!
08/04/2020 2:12 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Explorer
Ohhh I want this for my main world!
08/05/2020 1:23 am
Level 21 : Expert Architect
Im glad your excited! Youll have free access at the end of august once i get some details corrected. just be sure to give proper credit if it is used in a server!
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