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The Kindom of Panvölgia (PMC Nvidia Contest)

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NamazuDrift avatar NamazuDrift
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I hereby present my entry for the PMC Nvidia event. I have written lore below, hope you all enjoy the map!

In the year 284 S.Y., the nomads of the Iron Plains banded together in the face of the Kolkreta Republic, which presented a common threat to them all. Despite success at the Battle of Goblin Falls, and Kolkreta's ensuing collapse, the nomads were broken by the sheer cost of the war. One clan, the Panvölgans, were driven from the plains altogether by the Kolkretan army during the war, and settled in a secluded valley in the Iris Mountains. They set up a static village to live in, and traded for goods by airship rather than risk the pirate fleets of the Shattered Sea. Following a pirate raid in 290, the surviving townsfolk constructed the Grand Palisade, a huge wooden wall, which protects the seaward approaches. Now entirely sealed off geographically from the outside world, the Kingdom of Panvölgia has since laid down its weaponry (largely) and become a peaceful, sleepy valley nation.
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