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The Kitatcho Laboratories: Episode 1

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avatar Stockley_
Level 5 : Apprentice Artist
What is the Kitatcho Laboratories?

For those of you who don't know, The Kitatcho Laboratories was a
puzzle map I released almost two years ago with the team known as Team
Aylamow. Since then, the team has sadly disbanded as many of the members
either grew tired of Minecraft or had personal things to attend to.
Well, I'm now glad to announce that I have made a new team, Team

And what better way to start off the new team than to go
back to one of the best quality maps I've made and update it for 1.12,
as well as make it better designed overall in general.

The main reason I wanted to return to this map was that Episode 2 was never made
or released due to the team disbanding. I want to change that. I have
many ideas that could go into Episode 2, but since it's been a long time
since Episode 1 was originally released, I decided to give this map the
old spit-shine treatment and make it better than ever!

So I hope you enjoy the 2017 edition of this map and look forward to the sequel we're going to work on in the future!

Please leave any feedback and/or comments down below! Enjoy!

Map Details:

This map includes 15 puzzles, all of which test your problem-solving
skills and tests your understanding of basic Minecraft mechanics. This
isn't one of those insanely hard puzzle maps that force you to be a
genius, but instead, it makes you think about how to get from Point A to
Point B in a chamber. It's an enjoyable experience that ramps up in
difficulty as you progress throughout the map.

The playtime of the map depends on how fast you are to solve a chamber. The average
playtime I've witnessed during play-testing could be anywhere between one
hour, and an hour and a half. So it should keep you entertained if you
want to play the map to just pass the time!
Progress100% complete

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