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[Updated] The Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC

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avatar creeper2357
Level 43 : Master Architect
This is a 1:1 scale recreation of the Lincoln Memorial. Every detail possible has been included.
Feel free to use this for any project, just give credit to creeper2357. If you are making a video, leave a link to this page. Do not alter or copy and claim it as you own!

When I first built this I did not add the vegetation because I wasn't as good of a builder. I will get around to it and update this again eventually. You can see the Jefferson Memorial here.

The outside pictures were taken with Sildur's Vibrant Shaders and the insides are vanilla
Progress100% complete

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Update : 11/07/2018 2:24:10 pmNov 7th, 2018

This was one of my earlier builds, which I felt was lacking detail. It now has a much more accurate and complete interior as well as various other changes and additions all around.
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