The Lost Egypt - Adventure Map

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Level 6 : Apprentice Miner
In the year 1603, a curious archaeologist found, while navigating one of the branches of the Nile River, new pyramids and other structures that had not yet been explored!

Enter this adventure, this story about the past of the egypt and the minecraft universe!

The main objective is to find and activate 4 levers scattered around the map, in addition to discovering the secrets of the unknown past of ancient Egypt.

  • Be prepared for:



-An immersive story

-Music blocks

-A boss fight

-Enemies, secrets and more


-This map requires the Lost Egypt resourcepack!

-Playable only in 1.16.3

-Time to beat: 50-90 mins

Some builds (the sphinx, the Eagle and the snake) were made from the idea of ​​other people. Please check the work of MegRae and FilaStyle84 :)



Map created by AsafeSamuel
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