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Denebol Prime [CZECH]

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avatar Sammuel Carter
Level 20 : Expert Architect
History of Denebol

Due to the distance between the capital and the eastern colony, there was tension between these parties. Several members of SHIELD established their own state, which was built on the foundations of Hydra. The new Hydra state, which led Lord Malo, was and still is on the same continent as the capital city and not on the west of the continent.

After the first major war between Star City Empire and the State of Hydra, a ceasefire was negotiated, but tensions between states persist to this day. Despite these contradictions, all the inhabitants of Hydra have limited access to the realm.

After the end of the war, all military forces of SHIELD were pulled from the eastern colony. The military colony in the eastern colony was purely public. Several leaders of the colony filed an official request with the ultimate impetus of state freedom and separation from the empire.

The application was approved due to good relations with the colony, and Star City Empire disintegrated into two superpowers. The Western Great Power - Denebol, was and is the most advanced on the planet, and there is Denebol prime, formerly Star City. The government of SHIELD still exists in this state, but small actions are monitored by an international civilian organization. (IOA)

Eastern Power - Arnor. SHIELD does not exist here. Arnor is the second most industrially and technologically advanced culture on the planet. Arnor is one of the three great powers that are part of the Denebolian accord.

On the planet there is also the fourth state, Meereen, which was founded by several settlers from the Empire of Nova. About this state, SHIELD has not published much information, only basic information needed to enter the Denebolian Accord.
CreditArgonaut, Simetrikal
Progress85% complete

2 Update Logs

#55 Highway D01 update : 06/10/2018 10:31:45 amJun 10th, 2018

> New Star City Airport in the construction - progress 92%!
> New embassy of Arnor in the construction - progress 70%!
> New embassy of SimetrikalĀ“s kingdom in the construction - progress 0,5%!
> City light electrification at 91,3%.
> New Industrial zone soon - progress 5%!

> South connect bridge completed!
> New IOA center.
> Main rail station reconstructed.
> East rail connect transfered.
> New rail station in the village and some buildings.

Transport builds:
> Subway line A 99%.
> Subway line B 75%.
> Subway line C 80%.
> Highway D01 85%. All the highways connected to one!
> Railway 99,5%.

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  • Numcai
  • Level 33
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  • December 24, 2018, 3:40 am
I wanna download this, but I think the link is broken :/

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